Q: They say If you make one step towards God, he takes 1000 toward you. I have taken all possible steps towards him but he never makes any step towards me. Why?

A:  I wonder what kinds of steps towards God you have taken?

And then I wonder what kind of steps that you expect God to make towards you?

I wonder what your relationship is with God…do you have a relationship with him?

Since I don’t know very much about you, I will answer your question with some solid teachings from The Urantia Book that may be of some help to you.

Most importantly, you should know that God dwells within you—in your mind. You can always find him there—he is there as your “pilot light”—the “lamp unto your feet.” God is not an aloof Deity residing somewhere in Heaven, apart from his children. Even though he can be found in Paradise, he is also living your life with you at this very moment. Remember—God is a spirit, but he is also a personality. We can relate to him as a person—like the perfect father. No need for memorized prayers—just open your inmost heart to him, without any thought of reward or reply. Like any person, God responds to love and sincerity, and he will help you to connect to this Highest part of yourself, if that is your real desire.

God does hear us when we speak to him, and he does know when we are seeking him. I don’t know why you have this sense that he has not made steps toward you…If you are not aware of the steps he is taking, maybe you are not looking in the right places…God’s response to us is in the innermost reaches of our highest spiritual thinking, and may be more concerned with meeting your deepest needs and desires with values, not things. If you are looking in a material sense for evidence of God’s steps in your direction, you may not ever see it without spiritual insight.

You might try some dedicated times of quiet mental reflection with just talking with God as your primary focus, and see if you get some kind of inspiration that way. But, before you start, find ten things to be grateful for, and thank God for your blessings. In these quiet times, ask God to help you recognize his answers to you. And then listen carefully…

Try to relax, and try to trust God more. Like any good father, he wants your trust and your faith—he wants you to love him like a happy child loves its faithful parent. Keep talking with God, and pay attention. You may be getting more evidence of his Presence than you expect…

I invite you to discover a new revelation of God, found in The Urantia Book. Please feel free to visit our page called “Finding God” Click there on any of the links to open up a whole new way to frame your approach to God.

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:: Date published: 2013-05-03 11:52:47.527
:: Author: Truthbook Staff