Q: Is the supreme decision, also known as the decision to be Godly, what it seems like? If one has decided to do God’s will and be like him, is that the supreme decision which results in a personally assigned seraph?

A:  It sounds as though you have done quite a bit of thinking about the “supreme decision.” And it is certainly something that is of great import, as it does carry with it some very desirable additions to our lives, such as the assignment of a personal angel.

The making of a free-willed decision to be Godly can be done whether one is 6 years-old or 60 years-old. All that is needed is the desire, and that power of choice, which all mortals possess. You want to know if it can really be that simple…or is it more complicated that that? Only God and the individual can really be certain whether that decision is sincere, and based on that sincerity, I feel sure that one can merit personal seraphic assistance throughout the earthly life, and beyond.

It could be, as you say, a final decision that has to be made after some time and experience with living as a child of God. It could be that only after making numerous small decisions that one has enough experience to rightfully make such a final decision. On the other hand, I can see where someone who understands the import of such a choice could make it on the spot. This is of course, a matter that would be strictly between man and God.

I think we can take the text of the book at face value. I doubt whether there are hidden meanings there. So when we are told that we can make that “supreme decision to become Godlike,” I believe that we can do so, and then have faith that we have earned the assistance of an angel to “real-ize” that decision. But, once having made that decision, it seems highly unlikely that that person would stand still spiritually, even if one feels sure that one has a personal angel. After all, the presence of a personal angel is not the goal—it is an addition of spiritual help in carrying out the decision to be Godly. Such a decision would spur a person on to higher spiritual achievements—circle-attainment, for example. For this, the personal angel would certainly be of assistance.

Such a decision is followed by a life that is yielded to the guidance of the inner Spirit—a life that produces the fruits of that Spirit. This would be the evidence that we are on the right path, and assurance that we are indeed, receiving that help that we need to carry out our decision. Circle-attainment, which also assures personal angelic help, goes hand-in-hand with such supreme decisions. Yes, it can be “hard work,” as you observe, but very worthwhile, I think you’ll agree. And, when one HAS made that supreme decision, circle-attainment will certainly follow if one is sincere.

Circle by circle your intellectual decisions, moral choosings, and spiritual development add to the ability of the Adjuster to function in your mind; circle by circle you thereby ascend from the lower stages of Adjuster association and mind attunement, so that the Adjuster is increasingly enabled to register his picturizations of destiny with augmenting vividness and conviction upon the evolving consciousness of this God-seeking mind-soul. (110:6.5)

“choosing to do the will of God joins spiritual faith to material decisions in personality action and thus supplies a divine and spiritual fulcrum for the more effective functioning of the human and material leverage of God-hunger.” (110:6.17)

Circle-attainment is dependent upon many decisions…

“Every decision you make either impedes or facilitates the function of the Adjuster; likewise do these very decisions determine your advancement in the circles of human achievement. It is true that the supremacy of a decision, its crisis relationship, has a great deal to do with its circle-making influence; nevertheless, numbers of decisions, frequent repetitions, persistent repetitions, are also essential to the habit-forming certainty of such reactions.”(110:6.6)

Again, only the individual can really know how sincere their desire is and how binding their “supreme” decision is. I don’t know if there can ever be concrete evidence that an angel attends our lives, but we can be certain that our hearts remain in the right place, and that our lives reflect what our minds have decided through the persistent development of spiritual habits that reinforce those decisions. Mindfulness of the requirements of circle-attainment can assist us greatly in our quest for ever-increasing spiritual help in carrying out our “supreme decision.” And in the absence of that final decision, circle-attainment will also result in personal angelic help so that we CAN eventually make that decision.

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:: Date published: 2014-05-20 16:40:20.1
:: Author: Truthbook Staff