Q: How do I truly repent even when I feel lost, I have been saved since I was 12 but I still feel lost, how do I repent, in what way are you suppose to repent as a Christian/Urantian?


Were you fully aware of being saved when you were 12 years-old, and what it meant? I only ask because it seems to me that the decision to be re-born of the Spirit is something that has to be done with full understanding that one wants to renounce one’s old path in order to walk the new path of righteousness. I was baptized as a Catholic when I was an infant, and yet I did not experience that rebirth of the Spirit until I was 38 years-old. My Catholic relatives do not understand this.

The issue of repentance and salvation might seem more relevant to an adult than to a child. The sense of morality that prompts sincere repentance takes time to develop, and may be far more developed in an adult. I don’t suppose that repentance and renewal can be done once and never again, especially if one was “saved” at such a tender age.

Repentance leads to forgiveness. Maybe you are craving God’s forgiveness more than anything else.

Feeling lost indicates to me that you might want to re-establish yourself in the Kingdom by re-affirming your faith in God and sincerely confessing to him whatever you feel needs his forgiveness. There is no right or wrong way to do this. It is a matter of establishing yourself in relation to God as a child with its loving Father. Once you truly feel that you are loved by God, repentance will happen in the right way for you. You will no longer feel lost, but found. Please read this short speech by the Master about the topic of repentance and forgiveness HERE

You might also want to read our topical study of Urantia Book teachings about repentance HERE. There are some lovely prayers in there that might be helpful, too.

My experience tells me that once you feel loved and accepted by God again, your path will be much brighter than it is right now. Remember – “The Father in heaven has forgiven you even before you have thought to ask him…” So, be of good cheer. Repent/confess any misdeeds, yes. Vow to do better, for sure. But more importantly, accept the goodness that God has for you right this minute. You are loved by a good God, and he lives within you. Hold out your hand and he will take it in his.

:: Date published: 2019-03-18 14:56:24.51
:: Author: Truthbook Staff