You wrote: Will the end times as described by the Revelations be very disastrous for the earth and all that there is in it? Christ will be the chief Judge putting an end to Lucifer, his agents , death, and suffering. Will the earth be lifeless?

I think many people who rely on the Bible are concerned about the end times. I found this webpage that lists the signs of the end times, as well as this one. There are a lot of similarities to what we see happening in the world today. Does this mean that the “end of the world” is coming? Should we take this prophecy literally?

It is true that Lucifer has yet to be finally judged, according to Urantia Book teachings; his disastrous rebellion was officially ended by Jesus at the time of his bestowal, but the results of the evil seeds of those days are still showing up, and will continue to affect us until all evil has been exhausted. And it will take a long time for this to happen.

What I find encouraging about these present times is the fact that we are also seeing a resurgence of spiritual truth – spiritual seekers are questioning religious establishments and traditions, there’s a growing understanding of the individual’s relation with God, and there is a global awareness of the problems that we face. And – very important: we have The Urantia Book to help guide us through these turbulent waters.

Many evil practices are being brought to light. In my view, these are positive signs. That we see so much to do is a result of this global communication that we now enjoy through the internet and social media and that makes the problems more visible and immediate. At the same time, The Urantia Book and its teachings are spreading world-wide, and I find that a very hopeful sign, too.

We know that the Spirit of Truth is alive and well in individual lives, and so we must just possess ourselves in patience and prayer, practice living faith and do the best that we can in our own lives to bring about the promised days of Light and Life where, and as we are.

Will the earth become lifeless? Our civilization’s apparent disregard for the earth and its natural workings are causing a great deal of problems; many think that global warming is a fact, and that it is man-made for the most part. Whether that is true or not, the fact is that our climate is changing very fast and is having severe effects in our weather. Not only climate, but we see the wholesale exploitation of the earth’s resources by many who have only profit at heart; we are drowning in plastic waste; disastrous oil spills are commonplace; harmful chemicals pollute our soil, air, and water. And even when we know techniques for living in better harmony with the earth, we see a refusal to implement changes by those who hold power and who have profit as their goal.

But again, for every instance of deliberate destruction of our world, we see countless others deliberately trying to counteract it and change the direction we are going. Can we rescue our earth? That is something that we just have to pray about and watch as time goes on; in the meantime doing all we can individually to effect a return to harmony with nature and the natural world.

But in the event of some terrible circumstance that the earth becomes uninhabitable, we do have the assurance that our human species will not be destroyed:

51:2.3 While there is this dematerializing technique for preparing the Adams for transit from Jerusem to the evolutionary worlds, there is no equivalent method for taking them away from such worlds unless the entire planet is to be emptied, in which event emergency installation of the dematerialization technique is made for the entire salvable population. If some physical catastrophe should doom the planetary residence of an evolving race, the Melchizedeks and the Life Carriers would install the technique of dematerialization for all survivors, and by seraphic transport these beings would be carried away to the new world prepared for their continuing existence. The evolution of a human race, once initiated on a world of space, must proceed quite independently of the physical survival of that planet, but during the evolutionary ages it is not otherwise intended that a Planetary Adam or Eve shall leave their chosen world.

Let’s hope that never becomes necessary…

You may want to read the section called “Post-Teacher Son Man” where we read about the hopeful times when the era of Light and Life become a reality in our distant future:

52:7.14 No matter what the special natural history of an individual planet may be, no difference whether a realm has been wholly loyal, tainted with evil, or cursed by sin—no matter what the antecedents may be—sooner or later the grace of God and the ministry of angels will usher in the day of the advent of the Trinity Teacher Sons; and their departure, following their final mission, will inaugurate this superb era of light and life.

I don’t think the revelators would give us this hope unless we were capable of achieving it!

I also recommend reading this section about where we find ourselves now: “Urantia’s Post-Bestowal Age”, where we read:

52:6.1 The bestowal Son is the Prince of Peace. He arrives with the message, “Peace on earth and good will among men.” On normal worlds this is a dispensation of world-wide peace; the nations no more learn war. But such salutary influences did not attend the coming of your bestowal Son, Christ Michael. Urantia is not proceeding in the normal order. Your world is out of step in the planetary procession. Your Master, when on earth, warned his disciples that his advent would not bring the usual reign of peace on Urantia. He distinctly told them that there would be “wars and rumors of wars,” and that nation would rise against nation. At another time he said, “Think not that I have come to bring peace upon earth.”

But we also are told that the teachings of Jesus will one day rule this very world.

It does seem eerie that there are so many supposed signs that correspond with this Biblical prophecy, but I don’t think we have to accept that it’s going to happen this way. As destructive as we humans can be, we also have the capacity for great progress. That is one of the great things about the revelation of The Urantia Book, which helps us to gain a whole new, hopeful perspective on the world and our place in it, and in the universe.

For example, we who read The Urantia Book could also see these times as the “spiritual springtime” and not as the end of the world at all.

We humans can’t help but think in terms of beginnings and endings; even in Jesus’ day, his followers and apostles asked him about these very things. Jesus had this to say – advice that we can take to heart even in these 21st century days:

From “Later Discussion at the Camp”

176:3.2 “Have I not all this time taught you that your connection with the kingdom is spiritual and individual, wholly a matter of personal experience in the spirit by the faith-realization that you are a son of God. What more shall I say? The downfall of nations, the crash of empires, the destruction of the unbelieving Jews, the end of an age, even the end of the world, what have these things to do with one who believes this gospel, and who has hid his life in the surety of the eternal kingdom? You who are God-knowing and gospel-believing have already received the assurances of eternal life. Since your lives have been lived in the spirit and for the Father, nothing can be of serious concern to you. Kingdom builders, the accredited citizens of the heavenly worlds, are not to be disturbed by temporal upheavals or perturbed by terrestrial cataclysms. What does it matter to you who believe this gospel of the kingdom if nations overturn, the age ends, or all things visible crash, since you know that your life is the gift of the Son, and that it is eternally secure in the Father? Having lived the temporal life by faith and having yielded the fruits of the spirit as the righteousness of loving service for your fellows, you can confidently look forward to the next step in the eternal career with the same survival faith that has carried you through your first and earthly adventure in sonship with God.

And in his Discourse on Sonship and Citizenship” he assures us again:

178:1.17 Throughout the vicissitudes of life, remember always to love one another. Do not strive with men, even with unbelievers. Show mercy even to those who despitefully abuse you. Show yourselves to be loyal citizens, upright artisans, praiseworthy neighbors, devoted kinsmen, understanding parents, and sincere believers in the brotherhood of the Father’s kingdom. And my spirit shall be upon you, now and even to the end of the world.

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