Satan was a Lanonandek Son—these are sons of God who act as system sovereigns, and they are created by a Creator Son and the Creative Spirit. In the passage below, where Jesus speaks to these rebels (Satan and Caligastia—also a Lanonandek) on Mt Hermon, he addresses them in fatherly tones, which makes me think that they had some sort of familial relationship before all the trouble started.

134:8.6 Near the end of the mountain sojourn Jesus asked his Father if he might be permitted to hold conference with his Satania enemies as the Son of Man, as Joshua ben Joseph. This request was granted. During the last week on Mount Hermon the great temptation, the universe trial, occurred. Satan (representing Lucifer) and the rebellious Planetary Prince, Caligastia, were present with Jesus and were made fully visible to him. And this “temptation, ” this final trial of human loyalty in the face of the misrepresentations of rebel personalities, had not to do with food, temple pinnacles, or presumptuous acts. It had not to do with the kingdoms of this world but with the sovereignty of a mighty and glorious universe. The symbolism of your records was intended for the backward ages of the world’s childlike thought. And subsequent generations should understand what a great struggle the Son of Man passed through that eventful day on Mount Hermon.

To the many proposals and counterproposals of the emissaries of Lucifer, Jesus only made reply: “May the will of my Paradise Father prevail, and you, my rebellious son, may the Ancients of Days judge you divinely. I am your Creator-father; I can hardly judge you justly, and my mercy you have already spurned. I commit you to the adjudication of the Judges of a greater universe.”

And, in the passage below, we understand that Jesus/Michael indeed did have fatherly feelings for this Lanonandek Son, and how it hurt him to see his child go astray.

54:4.2 Parents, those who have borne and reared children, are better able to understand why Michael, a Creator-father, might be slow to condemn and destroy his own Sons. Jesus’ story of the prodigal son well illustrates how a loving father can long wait for the repentance of an erring child.

Whether or not Satan actually knew Michael as his Creator-Father, I can’t say. One would think that if Satan knew Jesusas his father, he would have been a nicer person…but then, we have to understand that these high Sons of God are not born nor raised as mortal children are raised on worlds of time and space. As far as I know, they do not go through those stages of growth, from immaturity to adulthood, and I can’t say whether they develop affectionate relationships with their parents. These are matters beyond my comprehension, about relationships that are hard to understand.

As we know, Satan is now on a detention planet, awaiting trial.

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