Q: You cannot imagine the excitement I got when I had a cursory look at Urantia. May I get some doubts cleared?

Is there a hell?

Who goes to hell?

Say, a man who drinks a little too much but otherwise a gem of a man…does he go to hell?

Some one who eats like there was no tomorrow…what about him?

A: Thank you for your note to TruthBook.com. We’re happy you’ve discovered The Urantia Book – -and yes, I think we can imagine the excitement you felt when you first discovered it. Each of us has had a very similar experience – –The Urantia Book is truly a remarkable, life altering and unique encounter.

You’ve asked several questions – -I can give you answers, but any answer I give will be short of what the revelation itself provides. In order for answers to be meaningful to you you have to come to the decision on your own that The Urantia Book is what it promotes itself as being – -an epochal revelation of spiritual truth to all the peoples of the world – -and that its message doesn’t hinge on anyone else’s opinion. That kind of realization can only occur by reading the book for oneself and not relying on the interpretation of others regarding its message, meanings, and value.

Jesus made it abundantly clear that God the Father is a loving heavenly Father – -no loving earthly father would torment his children if they erred so why would we presume that God would have less tolerance for us than our own father would? No, there is no place of torment and damnation such as hell – -that concept has come into play primarily by religions of authority as a method for influencing people that they must attend church or synagogue or temple. And once we’ve answered that question, the rest of your questions are answered, too.

No one goes to hell. It doesn’t exist. You might wish to watch the video titled “After You Die” as well as the one titled “You Can Live Forever” which are found on our site under the “Urantia Book Video” link – -these videos, along with the others found there contain Urantia concepts in condensed form so you’ll get an overview of the book’s teachings. Also there’s a “Life After Death” magazine on the site that explains what The Urantia Book has revealed about what happens when we die.

Doubts and questions are okay – -particularly when something so new and refreshing as the teachings of The Urantia Book are first encountered. I can’t remove your doubts but you can have them answered by reading this book with an open and inquisitive mind. You don’t have to approach it with an attitude of belief – -it will provide the information necessary in order for you to test your beliefs against the new and decide for yourself which is more meaningful, more true, more good.

Spend some time at our site – -there’s a lot of information about The Urantia Book that will help you decide whether to invest the time and effort necessary to read the book for oneself. But no amount of about The Urantia Book can substitute for your own reading of its text. You may find it helpful to listen to the book being read aloud as you read along. You can do this by going here to begin your reading and click on the (((Listen))) link at the top of each Paper.

Thank you for your note and best wishes to you. You’ve made the discovery of a lifetime.

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