Q: Based on The Urantia Book, how is a person condemned to Hell?

Based on The Urantia Book there is no hell, no place of eternal torment. It is obvious that a loving human father would not torment his errant children; understanding God’s personality as it is disclosed by the book makes it obvious that the heavenly Father’s love is perfect and absolute. We need not be saved from God, we need only be saved from our own base and selfish inclinations. The following quote from The Urantia Book addresses this question directly.

When once you grasp the idea of God as a true and loving Father, the only concept which Jesus ever taught, you must forthwith, in all consistency, utterly abandon all those primitive notions about God as an offended monarch, a stern and all-powerful ruler whose chief delight is to detect his subjects in wrongdoing and to see that they are adequately punished, unless some being almost equal to himself should volunteer to suffer for them, to die as a substitute and in their stead. The whole idea of ransom and atonement is incompatible with the concept of God as it was taught and exemplified by Jesus of Nazareth. The infinite love of God is not secondary to anything in the divine nature. (188:4.8)

Thanks for this question to us here at TruthBook. I hope you can ease your mind that there is at least one source of information about God that does not include the possibility of hellfire and damnation—rather a whole new and wholly satisfying picture of a loving and personally present God who is not willing that you should perish in such a terrible way.

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