The father of Cain was a man named Cano—a “brilliant mind” and an “active leader” who lived in a settlement near the Garden home of Adam and Eve. Cano mated with Eve, in an attempt to speed up the aims of the Adamic mission, and it was this fatal liaison that created the default of the Adamic mission to earth. Cain was the result of that liaison…

Please read this section :The Default of Adam and Eve

Here are a few passages from that section which mention Cano, his role in the default of Eve, and his ultimate fate.

(75:3.8) “The fateful meeting occurred during the twilight hours of the autumn evening, not far from the home of Adam. Eve had never before met the beautiful and enthusiastic Cano—and he was a magnificent specimen of the survival of the superior physique and outstanding intellect of his remote progenitors of the Prince’s staff. And Cano also thoroughly believed in the righteousness of the Serapatatia project. (Outside of the Garden, multiple mating was a common practice.)

“Influenced by flattery, enthusiasm, and great personal persuasion, Eve then and there consented to embark upon the much-discussed enterprise, to add her own little scheme of world saving to the larger and more far-reaching divine plan. Before she quite realized what was transpiring, the fatal step had been taken. It was done. “

(75:5.3) “When they learned what had happened to Eve, the infuriated inhabitants of the Garden became unmanageable; they declared war on the near-by Nodite settlement. They swept out through the gates of Eden and down upon these unprepared people, utterly destroying them—not a man, woman, or child was spared. And Cano, the father of Cain yet unborn, also perished.”

That is the factual answer to your question; however, in order to get the entire picture, it is important that you read The Urantia Book account of Adam and Eve—from the time they volunteered to come here on their epochal mission, what the exact nature of the mission was, and how difficult it was to achieve their goals, owing to the state of the planet—a planet in quarantine from the celestial circuits, and isolated from planetary communication. Please start HERE—The Garden of Eden, Paper 73. Papers 74-76 follow, and are a fully detailed account of those terrible times which started with so much hope, and ended in such disaster for our planet.

This state of planetary quarantine was the result of the Lucifer rebellion about 160, 000 years previous to the arrival of Adam and Eve (another important piece of the picture that I suggest you read), but nonetheless, it was still a dark and confused world upon which they found themselves. Even though they felt that they were prepared, they did not count on the level of isolation and loneliness that they would actually feel and experience—and they evidently were not prepared for the length of time that it was going to take to manifest their saving mission to the planet.

It was impatience with the process that precipitated the plan in which Eve consented to mate with the races of mankind through her liaison with Cano. The plan was fostered by Caligastia, the former disgraced Planetary Prince, who was in league with Lucifer in the days of the rebellion, and still quite active on earth. It is he whom The Urantia Book calls “the devil.”

This act constituted default of the Adamic mission, and led to the so-called “fall of man.” The Urantia Book teaches that there really has been no such thing as a fall of man, but those long-ago events were so cataclysmic that the stories that arose from them inspired a great many false beliefs having to do with “original sin.”

At a time when the world was much more sparsely populated, when communication was word-of-mouth and when the peoples of the world were largely still in a primitive state, it is easy to understand how the facts became garbled and confused. Confusion was the primary result of the default. And because Adam and Eve’s standing became so changed by the default, their influence as spiritual leaders and way-showers was greatly diminished. Had they succeeded in their mission, they would still be resident on the planet and still teaching of the reality of God. In addition, the human races would be far healthier, and far more spiritually evolved. As it turned out, this terrible series of events deprived the earth of two of its most important spiritual figures, and plunged our world into further darkness—a darkness which we are still struggling to overcome.

The Urantia Book account of those terrible times is a far cry from the Biblical story of Adam and Eve as the first human beings and the parents of the human race; however, it is a logical, sensible, and altogether gripping story of the actual events that precipitated yet another blow to the races and the progress of spiritual evolution on our planet.

So, the simple answer to your question is in my first sentence, but in order to understand how this came to be—again, I suggest that you read the entire account.

Thanks for your question, and I invite you to write again if you have further questions regarding The Urantia Book.

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