Q: I don’t have anything against The Urantia Book but how do the authors know certain things that are not even mentioned in the Bible—such as Adam and Eve were not the first ones who lived in Earth, the presence of Prince Caligastia, etc..?

A: How the authors know these things is no mystery – -the authors live in a reality different from ours and information such as you’ve mentioned is readily available to them, much like someone living near the Library of Congress and having ready access to its more than 18 million books compared with someone having no internet or library connection living in a rural area. They know more because they have access to more. A large part of The Urantia Book is its revelatory nature—the authors reveal things that have been heretofore either unknown, or forgotten, or misunderstood. The subjects that you mentioned are part of that revealed knowledge. The stories of Adam and Eve, and the Planetary Prince put our history into a new, understandable, and Divine perspective—they help us to gain a new worldview of ourselves—our origins and our destiny.

Maybe the question you really wanted to ask is, why should I believe this information since it’s not found in the Bible, or anywhere else?

First, you shouldn’t believe anything just because someone says you should believe it. You’re in possession of a rational mind that can provide you with reality and truth responses and you’re the only one responsible for your own beliefs. If something doesn’t seem rational, doesn’t seem real, doesn’t seem true to you then either you should do more investigation or you should reject it. Second, perhaps 90% of what’s contained within the pages of The Urantia Book is found at least in part in other published works; they may not be well known but then that’s part of the purpose of The Urantia Book, to make them known, for them to be identified and to be studied. Furthermore, you are in possession of the Spirit of Truth—the literal representation of Jesus, who he promised he would leave with us when he left our earth. This is our sure and ever-present guide into all truth.

There’s only one way to know if The Urantia Book is real and if it is true and that is to read it for yourself and to decide for yourself. Is it logical? Does it make sense? Does it exhibit truth, goodness, beauty? Does it give you hope and enhance your thinking and your living? Most importantly, does its teachings help you to become closer to God, and improve your relationship with him? If you find the answers to these questions being yes, then why be confused by anything less?

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