Thanks for your note to You asked: “What are the birthdays of each of the twelve apostles?” The Urantia Book does not give the birthdates of the apostles; however, it does supply their ages at the time that they became apostles of Jesus:

  • Andrew—33 years-old
  • Simon Peter—30 years-old
  • James Zebedee—30 years-old
  • John Zebedee—24 years-old
  • Philip—27 years-old
  • Nathaniel—25 years-old
  • Matthew Levi—31 years-old
  • Thomas—29 years-old
  • James Alphes—26 years-old
  • Judas Alpheus—26 years-old
  • Simon Zelotes—28 years-old
  • Judas Iscariot—30 years-old

Please see our topical study of the Apostles for much more information on each of these special ambassadors of the kingdom.

And thank you for your letter.

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