Q: Response to Jehova’s Witness Information Offered for Analysis

A: Thank you for sharing the Jehovah’s Witnesses philosophy. You mentioned that in affirmation to our spiritual zeal you’re sending the JW treatise for our analysis. We prefer to believe our study of The Urantia Book provides spiritual wisdom; zeal being that energy which propels religious fervor such as this treatise typifies.

Most students of The Urantia Book have an understanding of the teachings of the Bible. The Urantia Book explains that the Bible’s depiction of Michael as an archangel is based on misunderstanding of the spiritual realm. This JW treatise asserts that Gabriel also went into rebellion; this has no substantiation at all through the teachings of The Urantia Book nor are the other “facts” presented in the treatise substantiated by it.

The theology of the Jehovah’s Witnesses appeals to many, particularly those feeling the need for an authoritarian hierarchy to do their spiritual thinking for them. It’s a theology based on fear, Old Testament wrath and judgment, not a loving and merciful heavenly Father. Jehovah’s Witnesses have unsuccessfully been predicting the eminent return of Jesus for over 150 years; prophecies of end times and dire changes is of concern to only a limited number of otherwise spiritually apprehensive individuals. This may be a theology that attracts the fearful, the uninformed, the spiritually naive, and it may provide the spiritual sustenance they require, which is a good thing; it offers nothing of spiritual value to those who don’t fit that particular circumscribed mold.

The Urantia Book presents a complete cosmology answering life’s most perplexing questions in a logical, loving, uplifting, and inspiring way – -a cosmology that extends from the First Source and Center, through time and space, to the complexities we face in our daily lives. It does so in a factual and truthful manner without relying on prophecy, predictions or fallible human conjecture or knowledge. If you still have any questions or concerns regarding science, philosophy, or religion that your current religious beliefs have left unanswered, you owe it to yourself to investigate the teachings of this superlative book.

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Author: Staff