Q: I never believed Sadler had anything to do with the original transcripts of the Urantia Papers. The papers came from Europe, via an 1800’s expedition that led the group through India, Nepal, the Himalayas and other places as well. That’s where the papers began to be related by non-human beings. I can’t believe people can cover up the truth and attribute the origin of the Urantia Papers to Sadler or any other human. The papers are not from America, and the name Urantia belongs to all humans. I can’t believe all the court issues, and one day the truth will be revealed. Sadler and others really did a good cover up job, but not good enough. I’ve been researching this since 1970 and I will never believe Sadler’s version and I certainly don’t recognize any group who claims to themselves special titles and special authority over the Urantia manuscripts. Shame to all the liars for perpetuating the illusions of lies and falsehood. They will stand and face their own deceit one day.

A: Thank you for your interesting note. Your unique hypothesis is one I’ve never heard before. Why do you think it’s a better one than the one that’s commonly accepted? Why do you think the commonly accepted one is a fabrication? What to you is more meaningful about an origin in the east rather than originating in Chicago that would cause you to believe such an account?

To me it sounds as if you may be hanging onto the “new age” concepts that everything spiritually meaningful came from some ancient sources in China or Tibet or India in the 1800s. Since such new age concepts aren’t supported by the teachings of The Urantia Book and since the Chicago origin of the Urantia papers is so well documented by many hundreds of personal letters, documents, and other records, I don’t find any reasonable support for such a contention.

If, as you believe, the papers originated in the east, what language would they have been given in? The papers themselves say they were indited in English. The reason English was chosen is first, it has the largest vocabulary of any written language which makes expression of the sublime concepts presented by the revelators somewhat easier, but even at that the language often proved to be a stumbling block. Still, the quality of English used in The Urantia Book is of the highest standard of any literary work – -that couldn’t have been achieved by a translation from some less expressive language into English. Second, due to commerce, English is becoming the one-world-language that is so necessary in order for humanity to progress toward that one-world-government on its way toward light and life. More and more of the peoples of the world are becoming able to read the Urantia revelation in its original language, not inferior translations.

Another consideration would be that since much of the content of The Urantia Book comes directly from books previously published, although altered to express higher concepts than the original contained, and since some of those books weren’t published until the 1930s, how would that material have been included if the original Urantia text came from somewhere in the east in the 1800s?

But, just as you said, I never believed Dr. Sadler had anything to do with the original transcripts of the Urantia papers either. He was a custodian and more the gatekeeper for their reception – -his job was to see that they were properly received, were reviewed, were put into untampered book form, and I believe he fulfilled his purpose better than nearly any other mortal presented with such a responsibility could or would have done.

You did say you can’t believe people can cover up the truth and attribute the origin of the Urantia papers to Sadler or any other human. Neither can I – -all the more reason not to accept a far-east origin. Since the origin in Chicago is the most logical and most simple, that also would tend to make it the most believable.

I agree with you that the name Urantia belongs to all humans, not just to Americans, and I’ve not seen any evidence that anyone else believes otherwise. And as you said, the court issues are a sad chapter to our history, but certainly not unique.

Anyway, I’d be interested in hearing why your interpretation makes better sense to you than what most of us accept as truth. One of the purposes of studying The Urantia Book is to become more fully in tune with truth, to dispel flighty thinking, to rely upon what our minds sense as being logical and of value; that requires altering our thinking and being able to accept truth as we find it rather than truth as we’d like it to be.

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