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As you likely have noticed, The Urantia Book and the Bible share some passages, some stories, some events. And this is not co-incidental. The Bible scriptures contain a collection of some of the most inspiring and some of the highest truth that has been available to mankind for centuries. The Old Testament scriptures provided even inspiration for Jesus, when he walked the earth, spreading the good news. And of course, the New Testament provides the written basis for mankind’s knowledge of the fourth revelation of truth to our planet—the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

Every new epochal revelation from God to man has built on the previous revelation. As we know, The Urantia Book is the fifth revelation of truth to appear on our planet, and it makes sense that it should contain echoes and enlargements of narrative of the fourth revelation contained in the New Testament.

For me to go through all of the difference and similarities in this reply is impossible, but there is a resource that you can access.

HERE is a reference tool on one of our sister-sites—Urantia Book Fellowship. With this helpful tool, you can see at a glance the Bible books and corresponding Urantia Book references.

I hope that this answer is helpful to you. Enjoy your research!!!

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