Q: Can you reconcile A Course In Miracles with The Urantia Book? If so, how?

A: Many Urantia Book readers greatly enjoy the Course In Miracles and find that the two books compliment each other. The Course focuses more on “how to” heal human relationships, and The Urantia Book focuses more on “how come” human relationships need to be healed. Another way to think of the differences is to think of the Course as being a primer on the actual mechanics of being a son of God; The Urantia Book is a vast source of information on the mechanics of the whole of creation, including information about humanity’s legacy from Jesus on the fact of it’s sonship with God…

There are, however, some Urantia Book readers who find A Course in Miracles to be contradictory in some ways to basic Urantia Book teachings.

It seems to me that the best way to reconcile differences and/or recognize commonalities of these two books is to read them for yourself and do a comparison study. As mentioned, there are Urantia Book reader/students who swear by the Course in Miracles, and others who don’t have any interest in it at all. In the end, this sort of thing is up to each individual; there is no Urantia Book hierarchy and there are no lists of rules that will definitively favor or not favor one’s spiritual investigations into other sources of spiritual information.

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