Q: Why do we have the urge for sex…because God created every living thing from the beginning?

A: I was a little confused as to the meaning of your question, but I think that possibly you might be asking why should we have to reproduce—why doesn’t God just make us appear all at once, since we are already a part of his creative thought?

God actually did create everything from the beginning…he has knowledge of everything that ever was and everything that ever will be. However, not everything that God makes is made manifest from the beginning, especially the part of his creation that is unfolding in the evolutionary universes.

God has a plan, and we are all part of that plan. The plan is to have the planets and the universes filled with life—abundant life. And so, God’s plan involves the spark of life being brought to each planet capable of supporting that life. Once the life is implanted by the Life Carriers, and activated by the touch of Mother Spirit, it is on it’s own, so to speak. This is evolution—the way God creates in time and space. Our planet has been evolving life for billions of years.

Evolution is part of God’s plan. Life leads to life, and the forms of living material that were planted here naturally multiplied. Sexual reproduction is a very natural and necessary instinct. This step is necessary in order that the life can grow in numbers and populate the whole world, evolving as it grows, into more complex forms—and this process activates the seven Adjutant Mind Spirits, as they indwell each life form to its capacity—one mind-spirit at a time. This age-long process finally culminates in evolution’s crowning development—a mortal being who can know God and who can be indwelt by him…a being like you and me. And humanity has been on our evolutionary march since the days of the appearance of that first primitive man that you spoke of…

God can see the end from the beginning, but we can’t. And that is part of how the plan works. Our physical bodies are necessary temples for the indwelling Spirit with whom we share a life—we supply our personality and the Spirit supplies its divinity, for the purpose of creating the indestructible soul that goes on to Paradise. God needs us so that he can also participate in our struggles, our trials and our triumphs in the atmosphere of the limitations of time and space. Evolution provides that opportunity.

God certainly is capable of creating everything at once, but he chooses the evolutionary path in the created universes for his own purposes and for the edification and growth of his children of time.

I hope this reply has been helpful today.

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