Q: What is the UFO phenomenon all about? What about the possibilities that ETs from other worlds seeded some of our races?

A: That’s an interesting question with no conclusive answer to the first part, even from a Urantia Book perspective. The Urantia Book makes it clear that there are trillions of inhabited worlds but under normal circumstances there is no contact on a material level between any of them until long after they’ve achieved a very high level of civilization called light and life – -that lets us out, and not only that, our world is still laboring under a quarantine from the celestial worlds.

So, what are UFO’s? One possibility is that they’re transport vehicles used by the Urantia midway creatures (midwayers), the permanent and usually invisible residents of earth. If you’ll do a search on our site you can read what The Urantia Book has to say about midwayers, beings midway between spirit and material reality, as opposed to human beings existing solidly in material reality. Another conjecture is that since this is not a normal inhabited world that these are vehicles belonging to beings from a nearby world who have been invited here as assistants to the midwayers.

On a personal note, I used to be highly intrigued by UFO sightings and tales. After discovering The Urantia Book that interest dwindled to where now I’d be interested in seeing one but other than that I pay the phenomenon little attention. You’ll find numerous other interpretations of what UFOs are among other students of the book, but those two are my personal favorites.

About the possibility that ETs seeded some of our races … The Urantia Book relates two historical instances of that being the case, normal procedures on all inhabited worlds and part of the normal evolutionary plan. Five hundred thousand years ago an ET administration was established in the Mid-East that flourished for several hundred thousand years. It was comprised of a spiritual ruler of the planet and his staff of 100. All of these were beings of the spirit order and invisible to humans. Their purpose was to establish training schools in agriculture, animal husbandry, social sciences, physical sciences, language and religion – – to improve the social climate of the primitive evolutionary races through these schools and through selective mating. You can read about the Planetary Prince of Urantia and of the Caligastia 100 on our site.

The second instance of ET intervention is that of Adam and Eve which occurred about 38, 000 years ago. They were physical beings sent here on a mission similar to Caligastia’s but directed more toward the biological uplift of the races. The story of Adam and Eve given in The Urantia Book is plausible, logical, insightful, and tragic and can be read in the book or on our site.

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