Q: Exactly what is the “correcting of time” or “time correction” we are in?

A: Thanks for your note to TruthBook.com. The “correcting time” is a metaphor coined to designate the times we are now experiencing in global spiritual growth. Associated with this time is a movement called the “Teaching Mission.” These two terms arose from experiences that a number of people began having in the 1980s with supposed channeled communications from the spirit world. Much of these communications have to do with material in The Urantia Book, but are not a part of it.

These two concepts are used together, the one complementing the other. The first action of the correcting time is thought to have been the introduction of The Urantia Book, and the Teaching Mission is a presumed part of the correcting time as well, and the means for facilitating it—supposedly through teaching all people how to listen to spiritual guidance from within.

On the face of it, the concept of a correcting time and the Teaching Mission seems to be a good thing, as one of its “transmissions” claims: “This is our basic message, that the Light of God dwells within you. You can access this light and presence by beginning to spend ten to fifteen minutes a day, quieting your mind, sitting in stillness, and being in God’s presence.”

This is good advice. However, it is not new advice. In the pages of The Urantia Book, the presence of God indwelling the human mind is part of its most basic revelation; and the practice of communing with the Father is encouraged, and is exemplified by Jesus himself in his frequent seasons of meditation and communication with God.

If this was the only direction of the Teaching Mission and the correcting time, I suppose there would be little controversy. However, the Teaching Mission also encourages individuals to open their minds to the presence of other spirit beings—beings who are said to be resurrected mortals from other worlds, and even other, higher spiritual beings who have supposedly volunteered to assist Urantia mortals by means of transmitting messages of hope and inspiration. These messages are transmitted and disseminated to audiences worldwide, and many embrace them as truth. The problem is that inviting and listening to voices other than the inner Adjuster present problems of their own…

Outside of the very real possibility that what one channels in this kind of spirit communication may be in error, while listening or reading of one person’s experience with unknown voices and leadings, one may miss entirely the opportunity for discovering one’s own ability to discern and enjoy that intimate communication that is personal to them alone. It seems to be a case of another generation looking for “signs and wonders, ” while ignoring or minimizing their own personal connection to the God who indwells them and his personal ministry to them. This personal ministry is enjoyed only through practicing the religion of personal experience which produces proof-positive for the individual of the rightness of their direction towards finding and doing God’s will.

These concepts and the phenomenon of the Teaching Mission have not been adopted by the majority of those who study and love The Urantia Book. In fact, there is considerable disagreement among Urantia Book religionists as to whether the “correcting time” is valid at all, and certainly strong disagreement exists about whether one can safely enter into inner dialogues with unknown spirit beings. Some believe that the “correcting time” is just another figment in the imagination of those attempting to prove credibility and validity for their psychic experimentations.

Since we are still tainted by the presence of the forces of darkness on this planet—however weakened they may be—there seems to be too much risk that even a right-minded person could be unfavorably influenced through allowing their mind to become opened to unknown entities. Remember—Lucifer’s talent for glibness and for making evil sound good was the cause of untold turmoil on this planet. In addition, there are those who believe that, just as nearly all other revelations of truth to this planet have been at least partially derailed, there is good reason to be wary of any attempt to dilute the revelation of The Urantia Book by this recent phenomenon.

There is nowhere in The Urantia Book that encourages spirit communication, other than one’s own personal communion with their indwelling Adjuster. We are told that we may enjoy communion with our indwelling Adjuster, and that revelation to individual mortals is a continuous process, but we are never taught that we should open our minds to just any spirit force or presence.

“Trust all matters of mind beyond the dead level of consciousness to the custody of the Adjusters.” (110:4.4)

When weighing the validity of these concepts and the truth of the transmissions that are produced, one must use serious discernment. When in doubt, one might call to mind this statement regarding Jesus’ own technique for his personal religious life:

“The secret of his unparalleled religious life was this consciousness of the presence of God; and he attained it by intelligent prayer and sincere worship—unbroken communion with God—and not by leadings, voices, visions, or extraordinary religious practices.” (196:0.10)

Thanks again for this note to Truthbook. I hope that my answer has been of some help to you in reaching your own conclusions about the “correcting time.” In the end, you must decide for yourself about its validity and value.

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