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I found these sections of The Urantia Book that deal with the ice ages on Urantia:



In my reading of them, I did not see any statements about the earth being completely covered by ice, but the glaciers of those times were certainly impressive! There were six ice “advances” on the planet, ending about 35,000 years ago, coinciding with the arrival of Adam and Eve. From the above referenced Paper 61:

61:5.3 The great ice sheets of this period were all located on elevated highlands, not in mountainous regions where they are found today. One half of the glacial ice was in North America, one fourth in Eurasia, and one fourth elsewhere, chiefly in Antarctica. Africa was little affected by the ice, but Australia was almost covered with the antarctic ice blanket.<

I suspect that if the earth HAD ever been completely covered by ice, all life would likely have been wiped out; but it was during the third of these ice advances that primitive man evolved, so, while the environment was harsh, there still was enough plant material for animals to eat and for our primitive ancestors to forage. In the second of the referenced sections above, we read that “Those animals which followed the glaciers back and forth over the land were the bear, bison, reindeer, musk ox, mammoth, and mastodon.” So, there must have been some ice-free land available at all times.

Also notable: it was during the fifth ice advance that the Planetary Prince arrived, so a lot was going on on the planet during those times regarding human evolution, as well as geologic upheaval.

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