Q: What is the relationship between The Urantia Brotherhood and the Skull & Bones society? Kellogg’s family members were involved with both.

A: You can do a Google on ‘ “Skull and Bones” Kellogg’ just as easily as anyone to decide what’s meaningful to you. As someone actively involved with the teachings of The Urantia Book for nearly 35 years now and as someone who’s been moderately active in Urantia organizations and study groups for about 25 of those years this is the first time I’ve heard of any association, but sure enough, it’s there on the internet so it warrants some manner of a reply.

Your question brings up several points though — why the secrecy about who the sleeping subject was. Could he have been a child molester? Or a Jew? Or even a woman? Or did he belong to the Knights of Columbus? The Screen Actors Guild? Did he have 6 toes? Was he left handed? You see, we don’t know any of these things because we don’t know who he, (or maybe she?), was. Was there really a sleeping subject at all, since perhaps this, too, may have been another fabrication? This is a good reason for not divulging who the “sleeping subject” actually was, because if he/she was human then they had human shortcomings as well.

Were the Kelloggs and the Sadlers alcoholics? Did they gamble? Did they hoard pornography? Did they experiment on animals? Is there a CIA interest in TUB? Courtney Brown’s book “Cosmic Voyage, ” published in the early 1990s claimed that the CIA had an interest in The Urantia Book because through remote viewing they’d discovered the existence of midwayers, which were only described in The Urantia Book. One could invest a lifetime tracking down all the sideline events. Is remote viewing reliable? How about the Ouija Board? Which conspiracy theory is real?

Concern for any of these speculations presupposes that what they or the sleeping subject did in their private lives had some bearing on the content and text of The Urantia Book. If you’re inclined to believe that the book is a hoax then all manner of conspiracy theories can come into play. That’s a great way to keep from engaging the revelation on a personal level — the only meaningful connection in the whole scenario. Sleeping subject, Dr. William Sadler, Wilfred Kellogg, the Forum, Urantia Foundation, Urantia Brotherhood — these are all incidental distractions that can keep one from personally engaging the content of this most extraordinary book.

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