Q: What is the “mark of the beast” that is to be fully eradicated on the the 7th mansion world from paper 47?

A: Yes, in our journey from the mortal estate to the spiritual, we do quite a lot of transforming. By the time we reach the seventh Mansion World, we will have fused with our Adjuster and will be readied for true morontial status, as we continue to Jerusem, and towards the achievement of full spirit status.

Here are the references to the “mark of the beast:”

47:9.1 The experience on this sphere is the crowning achievement of the immediate postmortal career. During your sojourn here you will receive the instruction of many teachers, all of whom will co-operate in the task of preparing you for residence on Jerusem. Any discernible differences between those mortals hailing from the isolated and retarded worlds and those survivors from the more advanced and enlightened spheres are virtually obliterated during the sojourn on the seventh mansion world. Here you will be purged of all the remnants of unfortunate heredity, unwholesome environment, and unspiritual planetary tendencies. The last remnants of the “mark of the beast” are here eradicated.

47:10.2 John the Revelator saw a vision of the arrival of a class of advancing mortals from the seventh mansion world to their first heaven, the glories of Jerusem. He recorded: “And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire; and those who had gained the victory over the beast that was originally in them and over the image that persisted through the mansion worlds and finally over the last mark and trace, standing on the sea of glass, having the harps of God, and singing the song of deliverance from mortal fear and death.”

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My understanding of this “mark” of the beast is that it is the legacy of our material/animal origins; all traces of our animal natures that may have persisted up to this point are now able to be finally eradictaed as we prepare to assume a higher and spiritual status on Jerusem. We are finally delivered from any remaining vestiges of planetary or material disadvantage under which we have labored—disadvantages of heredity, of race, of material privation, of evolutionary incompleteness (evil), of emotional and mental troubles…and we are made free and clean…a clean slate, as it were, upon which to imprint new spiritual reality!!!

This will be a happy time, indeed!!!

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