Q: How can I “tap” into the “River of Knowledge” as did Edgar Cayce, to help others?

A: I am afraid that I don’t know what the “River of Knowledge” is. Edgar Cayce was quite a popular figure in the world of metaphysics and prophecy, but I have no idea how he did what he did…maybe he talked about this term, but I am not familiar with it. He was quite prolific, and I know that he was famous for helping others. Cayce’s talents, while possibly helpful to some, were a real crazy quilt of this and that. But whatever he did was done from a trance state, something that is not recommended as a spiritual practice.

If you want to help people, the best way to do it is through service—as you are and where you are. Find someone who is less fortunate than you and do something for them that you know they would like, without expecting any reward. Stay in the practical world, where there are people in need all around you who could be helped by your intelligent ministry “as you pass by…” This is how Jesus lived. He never went into trances in order to help people, and not all of his help was in the form of miraculous healing. His ministry was dispensed freely in his daily life.

I hope this reply has been helpful. Thanks again for writing, and feel free to write back anytime.

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