Try the Padgett messages; they fully explain who Seth is and what the Urantia Book is.

Thanks for this note to us here at TruthBook. It is not a question, I see, but more of a commentary and introduction to this website called

I am not sure whether you expect a reply to your note, but I thought I would go to see what this site is about in any event. It is quite interesting; I found a couple references to The Urantia Book, both positive, and both supposedly from celestial beings.

Back in the early years of the twentieth century, the messages that were eventually to comprise The Urantia Book were beginning to be received via the “sleeping subject” in Chicago. And it appears that in 1914, James Padgett was also beginning to receive messages as well – supposedly from his wife who was deceased.

It seems to me that in those years preparations were being made by our unseen friends and celestial benefactors for the right people and the right circumstances that would make the delivery of the Urantia Papers possible. It does not surprise me that Mr Padgett may have been the recipient of some apparent messages during that time, as he appears to be a sincere seeker.

“Spiritism” was quite popular in those days; and one of Dr Sadler’s aims was to reveal fraud in that area – to expose charlatans and discredit those who were capitalizing on such phenomena at the expense of unsuspecting and bereaved victims. I am not saying that Mr Padgett was a charlatan, but only that his sensitivity may have made him susceptible to receiving messages of a spiritual nature during those days. What I find most interesting about his messages is that in the end, they reveal “God’s Divine Love.” And this is precisely what The Urantia Book – and Jesus in The Urantia Book – reveal as well.

I do hope that you are a reader/student of The Urantia Book. As a complete work, it is probably the most important source of spiritual information available on the planet today; its truths will be informing our world for generations to come. Of primary importance is this knowledge of the Father’s true nature and his eternal and parental love for all of creation. The sheer weight of information in the realms of history and science are enough to satisfy even the most intellectual seeker, while the ever-present atmosphere of spiritual comfort and instruction will round out and enrich every truth seeker’s experience of God.

Thanks again for this note. It is always interesting to me to see how much spiritual information was “out there” in the early days of the delivery of The Urantia Book. It seems that our celestial friends were quite busy seeking just the right persons with whom to entrust the fifth epochal revelation of God to mankind.

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