Q: Where does the Neandertal man (Cavemen) come into play as far as Biblical history goes?

A: Thanks so much for this interesting question to us here at TruthBook.com. From The Urantia Book, we learn that the Neanderthal races originated from the Badonite peoples, from whom the Sangik races sprang. And all of this development began nearly one million years ago.

64:3.5 850, 000 years ago the superior Badonan tribes began a warfare of extermination directed against their inferior and animalistic neighbors. In less than one thousand years most of the borderland animal groups of these regions had been either destroyed or driven back to the southern forests. This campaign for the extermination of inferiors brought about a slight improvement in the hill tribes of that age. And the mixed descendants of this improved Badonite stock appeared on the stage of action as an apparently new people — the Neanderthal race.

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It was not until about 1000 BC that the first writings of the Bible appeared—with the Ode of Deborah. (Incidentally, you’ll find an excellent study of the Bible at the Urantia Foundation’s website HERE.) But, at the times of Adam and Eve in Mesopotamia—about 38, 000 years ago—the Neanderthals were still enjoying an existence in Europe

The last of the Neanderthals were obliterated by the migrating Adamites who left the second garden to populate Europe.

80:1.7 Slowly these migrating sons of Eden united with the higher types of the blue race, invigorating their cultural practices while ruthlessly exterminating the lingering strains of Neanderthal stock. This technique of race blending, combined with the elimination of inferior strains, produced a dozen or more virile and progressive groups of superior blue men, one of which you have denominated the Cro-Magnons.

For these and other reasons, not the least of which was more favorable paths of migration, the early waves of Mesopotamian culture made their way almost exclusively to Europe. And it was these circumstances that determined the antecedents of modern European civilization.

So, while all of this migration from the Garden and absorption of the Neanderthals was taking place, the Bible had yet to be even thought of. By the time the Bible was in process of being written, the Neanderthals were long gone.

But, if you look strictly at Bible history, all of these events concerning the Neanderthals took place sometime after the book of Genesis, and after the second Garden, even though the accounts of the Garden and Adam and Eve were written far after the fact.

The Urantia Book upsteps our understanding of the Adam and Eve story, as well as the next events, when the tribes of Adamites and Amadonites and Nodites began their migrations into the rest of the world—notably into Europe, where the Neanderthal races were still alive. And, as we read above, the last strains of the Neanderthals were soon finished off by these migrating superior strains of mankind. And the remaining “cavemen” were gradually civilized by these superior strains from Eden.

The writers of the Biblical records were undoubtedly completely ignorant of the fact that there were many people in other parts of the world. They may have even been ignorant of the fact that there was even a bigger world outside of their own. The first writings of the Bible were revolutionary for their time, as prior to that time, all history was oral tradition, passed on by word of mouth…

Thanks again for writing to us. It’s a good question; I hope this reply is helpful to you.

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