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The reptilian theories—in actuality, an offshoot of alien abduction scenarios—are just modern-day fantasy stories, in my opinion. It is just another way that we like to scare ourselves with sinister plots hatched by unknown beings who want to take over the world and destroy goodness. The original author of this theory is a man called David Icke

While there may be sinister plots afoot behind closed doors, these plots are simply the result of mis-guided humans. In the end, the most-highs rule in the kingdoms of men through the ministry of angels and other celestial agencies that influence and inform the actions of God-knowing men and women. In time, goodness will prevail.

Meanwhile, you would do yourself a favor by reading about the true planetary government—which is benign—and designed to guide humanity through the problems that arose from the first real conspiracy—the Lucifer rebellion. Although that long-ago rebellion was settled for good by Jesus when he was on the earth, we are still feeling its repercussions, and our world is still steeped in darkness and error. We feel alone and vulnerable, but we are, in actuality, neither. We are not at the mercy of some kind of shape-shifting, reptilian beings, but we are ennobled children of God, with God as our strength and our promise.

Another thing to consider is this: Jesus of Nazareth viewed the universe as a friendly place—he was, after all, the Creator of it, and he should know…all beings in the universe are created beings, subject to the laws of the universe, and most of them are created to assist mortals like us in our eternal lives—not to scare or dominate us.

If you are not familiar with the teachings of The Urantia Book, I might suggest that you have a look at our site, where you can gain some optimism and hope about who you are, where you came from and where you are going. Once you understand that, you will no longer be troubled by ungrounded fears of reptilians or aliens. Thanks again for writing, and best wishes…

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