Thank you for writing to us here at with your question. The term “parallel universe” is one that I have heard for years, and yet, I guess I never really thought about it in terms of Urantia Book teachings. I did a Google search and found this site with this definition of parallel universe:

“A universe or space-time continuum that exists alongside ours, and which may possess different physical laws or a different history.”

According to Urantia Book teachings, we live in a grand universe consisting of seven very-real superuniverses.

12:1.12 The Seven Superuniverses are not primary physical organizations; nowhere do their boundaries divide a nebular family, neither do they cross a local universe, a prime creative unit. Each superuniverse is simply a geographic space clustering of approximately one seventh of the organized and partially inhabited post-Havona creation, and each is about equal in the number of local universes embraced and in the space encompassed. Nebadon, your local universe, is one of the newer creations in Orvonton, the seventh superuniverse.

We read about universe organization HERE and we learn the names of several other local universes within the superuniverse of Orvonton, to which our local universe belongs:

32:2.12 The universe of Nebadon now swings far to the south and east in the superuniverse circuit of Orvonton. The nearest neighboring universes are: Avalon, Henselon, Sanselon, Portalon, Wolvering, Fanoving, and Alvoring.

In God’s amazing creation, there are many, many universes! The idea of parallel universes is something that does not really seem to correspond with these teachings, however. The idea of a parallel universe is that it is existing alongside us, but not visible. All of the universes in the Grand Universe are REAL. They do not exist in the way that parallel universes are thought to exist. For example, this site seems to suggest that a parallel universe is something unseen and with an existence that is purely theoretical.

The Urantia Book gives us a much clearer view of the Grand Universe, along with all of its super-and local universes. Again, these locales are real—not theoretical…and I believe that some of the teachings that we have in The Urantia Book are being corroborated by the newest discoveries from the super-telescopes that are in orbit today.

One of the beauties of The Urantia Book is that it simplifies things. Current science works hard to complicate things. Science can’t acknowledge or recognize spirit and it’s spirit that controls the material world, so science becomes more and more complicated as it tries to dig deeper into reality.

The parallel universes theory is like the big bang theory or the black hole theory – -they’re theories based on mathematical explanations for reality. Could there possibly be parallel universes? I don’t know, but then I don’t worry about it either. I think that the explanation we receive from The Urantia Book is that there is one reality, one grand universe, one superuniverse in which we live. It doesn’t seem likely that there are parallel universes or that there are X number of dimensions – -these seem to me to be human attempts to explain what can’t be explained without acknowledging the spiritual foundation to creation.

Thanks again for this interesting question. I hope that my reply has been helpful to you. Please feel free to click on any of the links I have provided and find out even more about Urantia Book teachings regarding the created universe.

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