Thanks so much for your note to us here at TruthBook. From your question, I would assume that you are either a Urantia Book reader, or at least familiar with its teachings. Either way, your inquiry is welcomed…

The circles are covered extensively in this section called THE SEVEN PSYCHIC CIRCLES. In this section we learn (bolding is mine…):

110:6.6 Every decision you make either impedes or facilitates the function of the Adjuster; likewise do these very decisions determine your advancement in the circles of human achievement. It is true that the supremacy of a decision, its crisis relationship, has a great deal to do with its circle-making influence; nevertheless, numbers of decisions, frequent repetitions, persistent repetitions, are also essential to the habit-forming certainty of such reactions.

 110:6.17 The motivation of faith makes experiential the full realization of man’s sonship with God, but action, completion of decisions, is essential to the evolutionary attainment of consciousness of progressive kinship with the cosmic actuality of the Supreme Being. Faith transmutes potentials to actuals in the spiritual world, but potentials become actuals in the finite realms of the Supreme only by and through the realization of choice-experience. But choosing to do the will of God joins spiritual faith to material decisions in personality action and thus supplies a divine and spiritual fulcrum for the more effective functioning of the human and material leverage of God-hunger. Such a wise co-ordination of material and spiritual forces greatly augments both cosmic realization of the Supreme and morontia comprehension of the Paradise Deities.

 The mastery of the cosmic circles is related to the quantitative growth of the morontia soul, the comprehension of supreme meanings. But the qualitative status of this immortal soul is wholly dependent on the grasp of living faith upon the Paradise-potential fact-value that mortal man is a son of the eternal God. Therefore does a seventh circler go on to the mansion worlds to attain further quantitative realization of cosmic growth just as does a second or even a first circler.

So, reading these examples from this section makes us aware that every decision we make either contributes, or impedes Adjuster function in the mind. Taking deliberate action towards choosing the will of God, by faith, is key. The ultimate goal of such decisions is to contribute to the growth of the soul, which is our eternal vehicle of personal expression.

If you are unsure about your soul—what it is, or how it grows, please see THIS LINK, which is our topical study on the soul. Any passage in that study will open to a fuller understanding of the role of the soul in our immortality and eternal life. In a nutshell, here is an explanation of the soul:

0:5.10 The soul of man is an experiential acquirement. As a mortal creature chooses to “do the will of the Father in heaven,” so the indwelling spirit becomes the father of a new reality in human experience. The mortal and material mind is the mother of this same emerging reality. The substance of this new reality is neither material nor spiritual—it is morontial. This is the emerging and immortal soul which is destined to survive mortal death and begin the Paradise ascension.

And so, we can be sure that any decision that we make in life that is consistent with the will of God will enlarge and stabilize our soul growth. What constitutes the “will of God” in relation to the circles?

112:6.9 The soul of survival value faithfully reflects both the qualitative and the quantitative actions and motivations of the material intellect, the former seat of the identity of selfhood. In the choosing of truth, beauty, and goodness, the mortal mind enters upon its premorontia universe career under the tutelage of the seven adjutant mind-spirits unified under the direction of the spirit of wisdom. Subsequently, upon the completion of the seven circles of premorontia attainment, the superimposition of the endowment of morontia mind upon adjutant mind initiates the prespiritual or morontia career of local universe progression.

140:8.31 The Master offered no solutions for the nonreligious problems of his own age nor for any subsequent age. Jesus wished to develop spiritual insight into eternal realities and to stimulate initiative in the originality of living; he concerned himself exclusively with the underlying and permanent spiritual needs of the human race. He revealed a goodness equal to God. He exalted love— truth, beauty, and goodness— as the divine ideal and the eternal reality.

And again, we have created a comprehensive study of Urantia Book teachings about God’s will that you can study HERE

In the end, and to answer your question specifically, any decision you make towards truth, goodness and beauty…any decision you make that employs LOVE…will definitely be a decision that will contribute to your circle progression. Making such faith decisions-and making them a habit-is necessary for spiritual progress.

Thanks again for your note. I hope that this reply has been helpful. Please feel free to write back any time!

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