Q: Are UFOs real or false? Are they dark like evil spirits, or are these outer space people a creation of GOD? ANSWER ME PLEASE.

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You want to know about UFOs…whether they are real or false, good or bad—and are they a creation of God…

Everything in the universe exists only because of God’s presence. Nothing in all the universe exists outside of God, so that question is settled. To think that there is something or someone out there that is outside of God is an error of thought.

As for whether UFOs are real or not—one can only speculate. There has been intense interest in this subject ever since I have been alive, and that’s over 60 years now. However, I still have yet to see or hear of actual concrete evidence for the presence of UFOs or alien presence. Some people claim they have seen them, but there still are questions. I would love it if we could be sure, but so far, it is still very questionable. And I do not necessarily trust the accounts of people who claim contact. I want better proof than that.

The Urantia Book does not teach of “ufos.” We are taught that there are vast numbers of beings in the universe—vast numbers of celestial beings, as well as humanoid beings who dwell on planets similar to ours. We are not told, however, that they visit the Earth, or that they are even able to visit us here.

Many times, there are “evil intents” placed on these speculations about aliens or ufos…I think this is simply a case of people allowing their fears to get the better of them. Don’t you agree that human beings love to be scared? And if they don’t have a real reason, that they’ll invent one? Nowhere in The Urantia Book are we taught that advanced races are building spaceships to come to earth, nor are we taught that we should fear any beings in the universe of universes.

The only “alien” beings—beings who originate somewhere other than Earth—who come to our planet are spiritual beings, such as angels. Rarely, as in the case of Jesus, Melchizedek, or Adam and Eve, spiritual beings assume human form. In Jesus’ case, he actually BECAME human by being born of woman, but this had never happened before, and will not happen like that again.

We are taught—and Jesus himself said—that “the universe is friendly.” I know that this may seem to be a surprising statement, but when you consider that the universes were made by God to be populated by beings like himself, beings who can know him and be known by him, who can love and be loved by him, it is easy to understand why Jesus would say such a thing. Trust what Jesus says, and reject fear of “aliens.”

It could be that there are races of advanced beings out there in the universe, but it seems to me that we have enough to worry about right here on earth without clouding our minds with irrational fears of the unknown…the knowledge that there might be other civilizations in the cosmos should be reason for happiness—not fear. If they’re out there, they are probably much like us—at least in the spiritual sense…all mortals share the same heavenly Father, and have the same chance at an eternal destiny.

Thanks again for your question—I hope that it has been of some help to you to ease your mind. If you are not familiar with The Urantia Book, I suggest that you click on the link above and read the introduction. And please accept this invitation to sign up for our free Quote of the Day service, so that you can receive a daily passage from this remarkable revelation in your daily inbox…

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