Q: Is there technology in life after death? I know we will learn new languages and such; is that through books? Are there computers? Vehicles? Do we fly?

A: Thanks so much for writing to us with this fun question…fun, because I think we all like to imagine what life after death might really be like, and fun because we get some great clues from The Urantia Book.

One thing that springs immediately to my mind is the “harp of God.”

47:10.2 John the Revelator saw a vision of the arrival of a class of advancing mortals from the seventh mansion world to their first heaven, the glories of Jerusem. He recorded: “And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire; and those who had gained the victory over the beast that was originally in them and over the image that persisted through the mansion worlds and finally over the last mark and trace, standing on the sea of glass, having the harps of God, and singing the song of deliverance from mortal fear and death.” (Perfected space communication is to be had on all these worlds; and your anywhere reception of such communications is made possible by carrying the “harp of God, ” a morontia contrivance compensating for the inability to directly adjust the immature morontia sensory mechanism to the reception of space communications.)

I wonder if this device could be something like our smartphones, where we get all kinds of information. Think of Google, but on a universe level…maybe? Certainly any technology that we enjoy here must be a lot better there—maybe not technology like we know it here, but probably way more effective….

We probably do a lot of learning through experience. I doubt whether we will have material books as we do here…

37:6.3 The methods employed in many of the higher schools are beyond the human concept of the art of teaching truth, but this is the keynote of the whole educational system: character acquired by enlightened experience. The teachers provide the enlightenment; the universe station and the ascender’s status afford the opportunity for experience; the wise utilization of these two augments character.

Fundamentally, the Nebadon educational system provides for your assignment to a task and then affords you opportunity to receive instruction as to the ideal and divine method of best performing that task. You are given a definite task to perform, and at the same time you are provided with teachers who are qualified to instruct you in the best method of executing your assignment. The divine plan of education provides for the intimate association of work and instruction. We teach you how best to execute the things we command you to do.

Transport from one world to another is through angelic means, as material or morontia bodies cannot travel unassisted through space. The first time that happens is when we leave this earth and our souls leave our material bodies; ever after this, our personality is transported by angels in our interplanetary travel.

39:5.10 5. The Transporters. The planetary transporters serve the individual worlds. The majority of enseraphimed beings brought to this planet are in transit; they merely stop over; they are in custody of their own special seraphic transporters; but there are a large number of such seraphim stationed on Urantia. These are the transport personalities operating from the local planets, as from Urantia to Jerusem.

But once on a planet, we will travel around. Here’s fun description of how we might get around on Edentia…water and air travel await us

43:1.2 The water of Edentia and similar architectural spheres is no different from the water of the evolutionary planets. The water systems of such spheres are both surface and subterranean, and the moisture is in constant circulation. Edentia can be circumnavigated via these various water routes, though the chief channel of transportation is the atmosphere. Spirit beings would naturally travel above the surface of the sphere, while the morontia and material beings make use of material and semimaterial means to negotiate atmospheric passage.

And on Jerusem

46:2.4 The transportation system is allied with the circulatory streams of energy movement, these main energy currents being located at ten-mile intervals. By adjustment of physical mechanisms the material beings of the planet can proceed at a pace varying from two to five hundred miles per hour. The transport birds fly at about one hundred miles an hour. The air mechanisms of the Material Sons travel around five hundred miles per hour. Material and early morontia beings must utilize these mechanical means of transport, but spirit personalities proceed by liaison with the superior forces and spirit sources of energy.

It seems to me that, until we acquire full spiritual status, we will be dependent on some kind of machinery to get us around, but I imagine that it will be a great improvement over cars. It’s a good exercise in imagination!

It’s been fun looking around The Urantia Book for these quotes. Thanks for the question! I hope that you have found this reply helpful, and that you’ll follow the links to find out even more about our eternal journey.

Date published: 2021-08-22 15:49:38
Author: Truthbook Staff