It isn’t a matter of our not being allowed to see God or Jesus…the evidence of God is all around us – -which you can see any time you desire. The simple fact is that as material beings we’re so far spiritually removed from the actual presence of God that we will have to wait until we’ve become pure spirit beings in the far distant future to stand before him. Until that time, you’ll still be able to see the evidence of God’s existence any time you desire. Every person that you meet carries a spark of God within them, just as you do. Love, caring, tolerance, forgiveness, unselfish service of others—all of these are attributes of God manifesting in the lives of people, and the evidence of his presence in human life. The vastness and grandeur of the universe is another evidence of God—the orderly and sure progression of space bodies in their orbits is an evidence of the mind-planned nature of creation…

Why can’t you see Jesus? Like God, the evidence of Jesus is all around us and you can see or experience it any time you desire. Jesus doesn’t live here now, except as the indwelling Spirit of Truth. Jesus is a spirit being but you can make contact with Jesus through prayer and through the desires of your mind. You can communicate with Jesus as the Spirit of Truth by simply asking, and by meditation. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened to you.

Rest assured that, when you are ready—many eons from now, as you wend your way Paradise-ward—you will be prepared to stand in God’s presence, and on the way, you’ll meet Jesus face-to-face, too. But right now, we have to rely on the eyes of faith to appreciate our heavenly parent and our father/brother, Jesus.

Thanks so much for writing…I hope this reply has been useful.

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