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Michael of Nebadon is a title (like King or President are titles). A divine being of the Michael order is uniquely endowed by the Creator (God) with certain powerful creative prerogatives.

There are at least 700, 000 such Michaels in the Superuniverse of seven trillion inhabited worlds; each one presides over a universe. Each universe contains the potential for ten million inhabitable planets.

According to The Urantia Book, Michael of Nebadon is the creator and divine administrator of our local universe home of Nebadon. Our Earth is located within Nebadon and falls under the efficient and loving watch care and jurisdiction of this magnificent and faithful Son of God.

Michael of Nebadon chose our planet, out of nearly six million of the inhabited worlds within his embrace, as the world on which he would live a human life, to show by example how a human being, even on a troubled and backward planet like ours, can live a divine and Godlike life. This exquisite life was lived not only to inspire us, but countless other evolutionary beings who struggle with the manifold challenges of life on a material world, in our local universe and even beyond.

He was born here, as Joshua ben Joseph, but later became known by the Greek pronunciation of Joshua, which is Jesus.

The introduction to the world of Jesus as Christ Michael of Nebadon in The Urantia Book is a sweeping and revolutionary portrayal of this most beloved and influential figure…a figure who has shaped the very civilization in which we live, and who continues to do so. Discovering Jesus as portrayed in The Urantia Book is a mind-expanding, yet an understandable and logical explanation of just who this amazing God/man really was, and what his monumental mission to our world was.

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