Q: On which day did Christ rose the dead?

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I am going to assume that English is your secondary language…I am wondering if you might be writing to us from India? Your question could be answered in two ways: 1) On which day did Jesus rise from the dead? or 2) On which day did Jesus resurrect the dead? I will answer both questions.

1) On which day did Jesus rise from the dead?

The Urantia Book declares that Jesus rose from the dead on Sunday morning, April 9, A.D. 30, at about 3am. HERE is the whole story. Please click on the link to open up the page that describes the Resurrection in detail.

2) On which day did Jesus resurrect the dead?

When Jesus had resurrected from the tomb, (see the above reference), one of his first acts was the release thousands of souls from the sleep of death into eternal life. This “dispensational resurrection” is described HERE. By clicking on this link, you will read the description of these sleeping souls, and the reasons for their resurrection as a group. About this resurrection, The Urantia Book teaches:

“Notwithstanding that countless individuals having personal seraphic guardians and those achieving the requisite attainment of spiritual personality progress had gone on to mansonia during the ages subsequent to the times of Adam and Eve, and though there had been many special and millennial resurrections of Urantia sons, this was the third of the planetary roll calls, or complete dispensational resurrections. The first occurred at the time of the arrival of the Planetary Prince, the second during the time of Adam, and this, the third, signalized the morontia resurrection, the mortal transit, of Jesus of Nazareth.” (189:3.3)

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