Q: Is Jesus the son of God or the supreme God? What is the difference between Krishna and Christ?

A: Thanks so much for your note to TruthBook.com. Your questions are good ones and I’ll take them one at a time…and since you have written your questions to Truthbook.com, a site dedicated to the teachings of The Urantia Book, all of my answers will be taken from those teachings.

There is a difference between Jesus and God the Supreme. Jesus is, indeed, the son of God, son of man—meaning that while he is now and always has been the divine Son of the Universal Father, Jesus is also a truly human man…a man born of woman who lived a human life here on earth over 2000 years ago. And that life has impacted our world, and continues to do so, as the life of no other person in history.

The Supreme Being—or God the Supreme—is an aspect of God that is experiential and evolving. This is a part of God that is even now “becoming.” You can read much more about the Supreme God HERE

Krishna is a Hindu deity thought to be an avator of Vishnu, the Supreme Being in Hinduism, while Christ is “the anointed one, ” also known as Jesus of Nazareth—the above-named Son of God, son of man. Both lived lives as human men…

The Urantia Book has this section dedicated to the Hindu religion—and interspersed throughout the book are references to Hinduism. Please use the SEARCH feature to find all of them. I did not find a reference to Krishna in The Urantia Book, but I did find a Wikipedia entry HERE, which tells us quite a bit about this Hindu god.

I found out that Krishna was a cow-herder as a young man, that he performed nature miracles, he was a military leader with an army, and he had multiple wives and many children. I have not found out exactly why people worship him as a god, but he is said to be akin to Vishnu, the Supreme God.

Jesus of Nazareth was born into a Jewish family in Palestine, and grew as a normal child and young adult, later growing to manhood as a spiritual leader of a revolutionary new religion—the religion of personal spiritual experience. A great part of that religion is the premise that all men and women are the spirit children of God, that God actually dwells within the minds of men, and that all peoples are related as brothers and sisters under this same heavenly Father.

Jesus incarnated on earth in order to gain the experience that he needed as a man among men in order to assume rulership of the universe…as well, his mission to earth included the revelation to mankind of the loving nature of God the Father. Jesus was God as well as man, and he possessed all of the loving attributes of the heavenly Father. He said “Who has seen me has seen the Father.”

Jesus’ mission was meant to upstep the spiritual lives of—not only the peoples of earth—but also the lives of all beings in his universe of Nebadon. He lived as a man among men, he died, and he now dwells in the spheres on high as the Planetary Sovereign of Urantia, which is the universe name of earth. Jesus’ name in the universes is Michael of Nebadon. You can read more about him HERE

I have supplied links in the above paragraphs, so that you can click on any of them to find more information. I hope that this reply has been helpful, and please write back if you have any other questions.

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