Thanks for your note and question to us here at TruthBook…You asked: I’ve been a reader of The Urantia Book since ’74. My question: Jesus is presented as a historical fact in The Urantia Book, but evidence is coming out now that there is no proof of his existence. Comments ?

First of all, I question how there can be “evidence” that something or someone does NOT exist? I find that a dubious kind of research. Just as there may be no concrete evidence that he did exist, I can’t imagine a kind of evidence proving that he did not exist, and so, I would simply ignore such efforts as springing from minds that have nothing better to do than discredit the truth, beauty and goodness of the Master’s life and mission. And second, if you have been living with this revelation for all these years, I wonder why and how this kind of research would affect you? If you needed evidence of Jesus’ existence, The Urantia Book will certainly have provided it by now.

The Jesus that the world wants to disprove is the Jesus of the Bible – the Jesus that everyone knows ABOUT; but the Jesus that only those who follow him actually KNOW as a personal experience can not be proven in a material way. Once someone has sought and developed a relationship with Jesus – once someone has gathered their own personal experience, their own personal “evidence” of God’s existence, what does it matter if someone else wants to try and disprove it? The evidences of his existence for the believer are not material, but spiritual. Of course, knowing Jesus through The Urantia Book adds so many more reasons to believe in him and his mission by adding even more historical details of our planet’s history, and how and why Jesus bestowed himself here. The world in general has no knowledge of these things as yet.

Jesus left nothing here when he left – no writing, no books, no drawings…he destroyed everything of a material nature that might actually give the proof that people want. And according to The Urantia Book, that was an intentional choice. Instead he gave himself – he demonstrated with his life a religion that can effectively and eternally connect a person to God. All that any sincere seeker has to do is exercise faith in him, faith in God, and that person is supported in their inner life and given all the proof that could ever be needed, thanks to the ministry of the Thought Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth.

Jesus’ presentation even in the scanty Bible records has been sufficient for generations of believers to consider it enough evidence to follow him. And if one is lucky enough to have found Jesus in The Urantia Book, the evidence is even more compelling.

Since you possess The Urantia Book – which is free for anyone in the world who cares to look – then you have all you need, in my opinion, and should have no problem with the naysayers of this world. If more people had the revelation of The Urantia Book, there would be a whole new and fresh interest in Jesus and his life; as you must know, he is so much more than just a historical figure and his bestowal to our world means so much more than we have previously understood. But, until that day comes when the world discovers Jesus anew, we can probably expect more of these efforts to bury Jesus once again.

Thanks again for your note. I hope these worldly efforts to dismiss Jesus are not challenging your faith in him; remember that nearly all of the epochal revelations of God to man have been compromised in one way or another. And the forces of darkness are not resting, so we have to expect these attacks, but not be affected by them. Instead, ask God for help in reinforcing your faith and strengthening the faith of other sincere seekers by sharing what you know to be true.

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