Q: There’s a rumor floating around that Jesus wasn’t crucified but lived to be old; is that true?

A: Thanks for writing to us with your question about Jesus. You sure came to the right spot! Our website is dedicated to the furthering of the teachings of The Urantia Book, which contains an unparallelled account of the life and teachings of Jesus. It is unlike any narrative of Jesus’ life that you may have heard of before, including the stories contained in the Bible scriptures.

The rumor that you cite is not really new; there have been, and probably will continue to be, any number of rumors about Jesus. In fact, there are rumors that Jesus did not even exist. At least this rumor acknowledges his existence! Jesus was the most important figure to walk this earth ever. His simple life and brutal death have ignited the interest and devotion of countless followers for over two thousand years. And there are good and sufficient reasons for such devotion and interest.

Jesus did indeed die of crucifixion. He died just before 3pm on Friday April 7, A.D. at age 36, and was buried. He then resurrected from the tomb at 3:02am the following Sunday, and ascended from earth on Thursday May 18, 30 A.D., at about 7:45 in the morning. This ascension of Jesus took place during the last of 19 separate resurrection appearances. The appearances were witnessed by over 1000 persons.

You might be wondering how anyone could pinpoint the exact dates, days and times of these events in Jesus’ life. This is only a very small example of the precise manner of dating events in Jesus’ life that we see in The Urantia Book account of his life. There are many, many instances where the exact date, day of the week, and exact times are given for different events. And modern scholars are in agreement about the dates and days of the week that go with them. They can be verified.

The reason that these accounts are so accurate is that they were recorded for posterity by beings called Midwayers, who live on our planet and who are entrusted with just such archival planetary record-keeping. Midwayers are invisible beings who are “mid-way” between physical and spiritual. These beings supplied us with the masterful narrative which comprises Part IV of The Urantia Book. These beings were actually there, and they know what they are talking about, so I am far more inclined to believe them, rather than an unfounded rumor.

In case you are unaware, The Urantia Book is a modern-day revelation of truth to the peoples of this planet (Urantia)—a revelation that the celestial government thought was important enough to be imparted to us for purposes of upstepping us as a species, both intellectually and spiritually. Its first three parts contain a comprehensive overview of the universe and its Creator, an in-depth revelation of the origins of our particular universe, and an equally in-depth exploration of the origins and history of our planet. And, as already stated, Part IV contains this thrilling narrative of the Life and Teachings of Jesus. The first three parts were written by various celestial personalities; among them are angels, Melchizedeks, and other entities who themselves are revelatory for human beings.

You can click on any of the links I’ve given you here in this reply for more information, and I hope you’ll continue to come to our site to familiarize yourself with The Urantia Book. It is a revelation for YOU. But if you are mainly interested in Jesus, you’ll find no other source on this planet that has anything near the equal of this Urantia Book account of his life and teachings. Jesus is the centerpiece of our website, so I invite you to come back often.

I think that one reason we have unfounded rumors and speculations about Jesus is that the accounts of his life that we have had for so many centuries have just not been enough. People always want more of Jesus. We need to see Jesus as he really lived; we need to know WHY he lived, and—most importantly—HOW he lived. Part IV of The Urantia Book gives us that, so we can finally put all rumors to rest. Check it out and see if it doesn’t ignite your own interest…

Date published: 2013-10-09 09:25:07
Author: Truthbook Staff