Q: How are Christ Michael and Immanuel related? Is Immanuel part of the 700, 000 Creator Sons?

A: Thanks for your note to us here at TruthBook.com. To answer your question I found this quote from The Urantia Book:

33:5.2 Immanuel of Salvington, number 611, 121 of the sixth order of Supreme Trinity Personalities, is a being of sublime dignity and of such superb condescension that he refuses the worship and adoration of all living creatures. He bears the distinction of being the only personality in all Nebadon who has never acknowledged subordination to his brother Michael. He functions as adviser to the Sovereign Son but gives counsel only on request. In the absence of the Creator Son he might preside over any high universe council but would not otherwise participate in the executive affairs of the universe except as requested.

We see here that Michael and Immanuel are brothers. And we also see that Immanuel is a Supreme Trinity Personality—not a Creator Son, as is Michael.

Immanuel is an important figure regarding the bestowal of Michael on our planet, as we see in this quote:

120:0.6 Having determined the time of his final bestowal and having selected the planet whereon this extraordinary event would take place, Michael held the usual prebestowal conference with Gabriel and then presented himself before his elder brother and Paradise counselor, Immanuel. All powers of universe administration which had not previously been conferred upon Gabriel, Michael now assigned to the custody of Immanuel. And just before Michael’s departure for the Urantia incarnation, Immanuel, in accepting the custody of the universe during the time of the Urantia bestowal, proceeded to impart the bestowal counsel which would serve as the incarnation guide for Michael when he would presently grow up on Urantia as a mortal of the realm.

As well as his brother, Immanuel was also counselor to Michael, and delivered the Seventh Bestowal Commission. You can read it in its entirety HERE

Thanks again for sending this question to us. I hope that this reply has been helpful.

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