God has always just BEEN—he is the Uncaused Cause, the Uncreated Creator. Before the creation of the worlds of time and space, such as our world, God just WAS. He began his creation with the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit who, with God, form the Paradise Trinity— Father, Son and Holy Spirit And before that, God IS, and always has been. I can’t pretend to understand this…God is, above all, quite a mystery.

Trying to understand these kinds of mysteries is largely an exercise in futility, as we are time-space creatures, and we think in linear time constraints. The Universal Father is infinite, and not at all limited by either time or space. So, trying to understand his ways are difficult indeed for us mere mortals.

But I do know that God is love, and he created the Eternal Son as an expression of that love, as well as the Infinite Spirit. From this Trinity—who are all equally God—sprang all else—all of the Universe of Universes. And the Universal Father sheds his love throughout all of his vast creation.

Another thing that I know is that God, even while being the farthest from us, is a a real, loving personality who dwells in intimate association with each of us in this time-space creation of earth, in the form of a pre-personal fragment of himself. In this way, he does escape his purely infinite existence, and can experience OUR lives with us as we live them here on Earth. God is our true Spirit Father, as well as the Creator of the Universe. This section, titled The Mystery of God can help you to understand this concept better than I could ever explain it.

Perhaps the following section will also help you somewhat: It is called The Infinity of God .

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