You asked: “When I die due to old age, what will I look like when I am resurrected? Do I still retain my age or do I look younger?”

Thanks for this interesting question!

I am a student like you, and have no special knowledge about the teachings of The Urantia Book. But I particularly like these passages from Paper 112, Personality Survival, section 6 “The Morontia Self” :

These are good clues…

112:6.2 It is difficult to instruct you regarding your morontia personality forms for the local universe career. You will be endowed with morontia patterns of personality manifestability, and these are investments which, in the last analysis, are beyond your comprehension. Such forms, while entirely real, are not energy patterns of the material order which you now understand. They do, however, serve the same purpose on the local universe worlds as do your material bodies on the planets of human nativity.

112:6.3 To a certain extent, the appearance of the material body-form is responsive to the character of the personality identity; the physical body does, to a limited degree, reflect something of the inherent nature of the personality. Still more so does the morontia form. In the physical life, mortals may be outwardly beautiful though inwardly unlovely; in the morontia life, and increasingly on its higher levels, the personality form will vary directly in accordance with the nature of the inner person. On the spiritual level, outward form and inner nature begin to approximate complete identification, which grows more and more perfect on higher and higher spirit levels.

We are told that these forms are “beyond your comprehension.” But I find the instruction that this new form will reflect “the nature of the inner person” very interesting and intriguing. It makes me want to grow a sturdy, healthy, and lovely character while here on Urantia!

I certainly don’t think we will look old or aged…our old physical bodies will be left behind. But as for the new form…well, we just have to use our imaginations and strive to be our best selves while we’re here so that we feel – and look – as good as possible when we awaken.

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