Q: What is GOD’s name? According to the bible and the Jehova’s Witness, his name is Jehova (YHWH in Hebrew). How important is it that we recognize his name?

A: Perhaps the best way to look at this is if you have a wonderful father yourself, one you love deeply and respect and look up to and wanted to please you’ll probably call him daddy or dad or father. That’s what Jesus did… he called God “Father” and God is our Father just like he is Jesus’ Father. So why not think of God as your Father or your heavenly Father?

Yes, I understand the name thing is big with Jehovah’s Witnesses and Jehovah is a perfectly fine name, as are Abba and Allah and Yahweh, or any of the other thousand names for God, but personally I don’t think any one name carries more weight than any other. What we call God is less important than our attitude toward God in our hearts and the final sentence in The Urantia Book is, “When all is said and done, the Father idea is still the highest human concept of God.” That’s good enough for me.

Thank you for the question and best wishes. I hope this reply has helped you come to a decision.

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