Q: I am quite intrigued about your facts about Jesus. I have been searching for the life style of Jesus before he started his ministry. But I have a question: How did you get your information? That is, about Jesus, God, Yahweh , Melchizedek, etc.?

A: Thank you for your note and we’re glad to hear that you’re intrigued by the material we offer about Jesus. May I suggest that the more you read and know and understand the life and teachings of Jesus the more real he will become and the stronger the connection you will experience. You can begin the story as it is related in The Urantia Book from our site HERE where you can also listen to the text as you read along.

To understand how this information has become available you have to have an understanding of The Urantia Book; the recounting of Jesus’ life and teachings is but one of the four parts that comprise this masterful book, first printed in 1955. The purpose of the book is not only to lift Jesus’ life and teachings up from the Christian dogma that has surrounded it for the past 2, 000 years but also to place it in context with the most recent revelation of spiritual truth to our world, the Urantia revelation, which is sometimes described as a handbook for acquiring cosmic citizenry.

We have a number of study aids available on our site to help with understanding The Urantia Book – -if you’ll view our home page at www.truthbook.com, in the top menu across the page you’ll see “Urantia Book,” when, if you click on that, you can go to , Urantia Book Video or to Reviews, which are actual reader stories of how the book changed their lives. Also in that top menu, you’ll see Life Challenges, a collection of Q+A collected over the years. I might also recommend Spiritual Studies, ” and “FAQ” – -each of these sections will each provide a wealth of information about the book and about some of the people who study it. As informative and interesting as these materials are however, nothing substitutes for reading the book for oneself and making a personal decision regarding its authenticity, truth content, and value.

May I also recommend that if you’re not already signed up that you consider subscribing to the Quote of the Day. It’s a free service from our site that offers a daily quote from the incomparable teachings of this marvelous book with an audio clip and a beautiful and inspiring image, a great way to start one’s day as well as to begin to understand the teachings of the book. To subscribe click on the Quote of the Day link on the left side of our home page and follow the instructions.

Best wishes in your search and please feel free to write any time.

Date published: 2014-05-06 14:57:24
Author: Truthbook Staff