Q: Do you honestly believe that a woman can give birth to 63 children (your story about Adam and Eve)? What sort of process does your brain go through in order to deny the scientifically possible to believe this nonsense? Do please wake up.

A: Thank you for your note to TruthBook.com and yes, it does sound pretty preposterous doesn’t it? You didn’t mention the fact that Adam and Eve were supposed to be close to 8 feet tall when the native population was under 6 feet tall – -that would seem pretty preposterous, too. Also, that it’s recounted that their bodies gave off a slight aura of color that could be seen with normal vision. If you want to pick at preposterousness then the recounting of the story of Adam and Eve is a great place to begin.

I think you’d have to understand a bit about what else The Urantia Book relates before being able to pluck the story of Adam and Eve from it and have it make much sense. Let me supply a bit of background for you.

Primarily, reality isn’t material only; it’s both material and spiritual although our relationship with the spiritual is tenuous at best – -we are, after all, the lowest form of free-will and personality endowed creatures in the universe and are intended to be living a nearly totally material existence here. Notwithstanding our ignorance, there is a spiritual overcontrol and administration that is ultimately in control of all material reality; it’s responsible for, among many other things, seeing that each inhabited world receives an Adam and Eve at the appropriate time.

Adam and Eve are actually special creations called Material Sons (sometimes Material Sons and Daughters). The Urantia Book contains considerable information about these Material Sons, you can read a bit about them here…and here

Feel free to further your critique once you’ve read the material.

Human evolution on an inhabited world proceeds along a normal evolutionary course and human beings naturally evolve up to an apex of physical, mental, and spiritual capacity. In order to develop beyond this limited natural apex an infusion of superior DNA is required, again a normal but rather spectacular event on a planet. This is done by these specially designed beings, the Material Sons, often called biologic uplifters, coming in person. Here’s a bit more detailed write-up about this event if you’re interested…www.urantia-book-club.org/Documents/Handouts/PDF/HaveWeBeenVisited.pdf … which appears to scientifically verify this preposterous appearing event having occurred at the exact time in ancient history where The Urantia Book places it.

However, to address your point specifically; the purpose of an Adam and Eve when they are bestowed upon a planet, is to have children. Childbirth is not painful for Eve, it’s her primary function and purpose for being here and she can and does have children one after another. So, yes, we do honestly believe that a superhuman woman such as Eve can give birth to considerably more than 63 children. The process our brain goes through is to understand what and why The Urantia Book relates the wealth of significant material it does. We don’t deny what is and what isn’t scientifically possible, and not only have woken up because of our study of The Urantia Book, we hope to assist everyone who can intelligently assess this material to wake up as well.

Date published: 2021-08-22 17:12:39
Author: Truthbook Staff