Thanks for writing to us here at TruthBook. You asked: “How did Adam and Eve’s children repopulate the Earth?” The story of Adam and Eve as revealed in The Urantia Book is quite different from the story that most people know, i.e., the story that is found in the Biblical book of Genesis. Until the arrival of The Urantia Book, this sketchy and incomplete Biblical story was all that we had to understand this most amazing event in human history.

When Adam and Eve came to our planet, the earth was already populated by our distant ancestors—mankind had been multiplying for many generations before the arrival of Adam and Eve. And so, their mission was not to “re-populate” the earth. People were doing that all on their own. Instead, their mission was to genetically improve the population that was already present—a population that was considered ready for these changes by celestial government.

Unfortunately, this plan of improvement of the races of man was not completely successful. But even so, the mission of Adam and Eve was not a total failure.

I am giving you this link to pages on our site so that you can read the story of Adam and Eve as presented in The Urantia Book. I hope that you’ll find it inspiring and enlightening…

Thanks again for writing, and I do hope you’ll find The Urantia Book revelation of Adam and Eve a new and understandable way of looking at this amazing pair of historical figures. Please feel free to write back if you have further questions…

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