Q: Since the Adam and Eve failure, why not simply scrap the project and do it over? And as to the Calagastia upheaval, why not simply send a new resident planetary prince in the old one’s stead?

A: It’s hard to answer for the decisions of the administrators of life development on this world; we have limited and short sighted vision while they understand the outworkings of events far beyond our understanding. So I’ll have to guess.

By scrapping the project and doing it over I’m assuming you mean send Adam and Eve back to clean up after themselves. That does seem to be a possibility, although an unlikely one. It may be that more good will come from allowing us to work our own way through this predicament by ourselves, if possible. Also, having a highly advanced culture imposed on us from the outside now presents its own set of problems. I don’t expect the vast majority of humanity would take kindly to being invaded by aliens and having their will imposed upon us. UB readers like the prospects… most everyone else would resist I imagine.

As for the Planetary Prince – -I believe Jesus fills that function for now and he some day will return, whether invisible or in person we don’t know. It just doesn’t look like we’re in line for outside help beyond whatever’s already being provided. It would be great if the plan had been carried out, if we had a visible and invisible 500, 000 year old seat of planetary administration and a 38, 000 year old Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve running worldly affairs but it looks like the life on this experimental world will continue to unfold along the lines of the predominantly material driven promptings of our own doing, leaving it up to ourselves to discover the spiritual underpinnings of reality.

Thank you for your question. Hope the answer was of some help.

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