Thank you for your heartfelt note. Not only does God see you crying, he feels your pain.
Teachings from The Urantia Book:
 1:5.16 It is literally true: “In all your afflictions he is afflicted.” “In all your triumphs he triumphs in and with you.” … The Universal Father realizes in the fullness of the divine consciousness all the individual experience of the progressive struggles of the expanding minds and the ascending spirits of every entity, being, and personality of the whole evolutionary creation of time and space. And all this is literally true, for “in Him we all live and move and have our being.”
 188:5.12 If man cannot otherwise appreciate Jesus and understand the meaning of his bestowal on earth, he can at least comprehend the fellowship of his mortal sufferings. No man can ever fear that the Creator does not know the nature or extent of his temporal afflictions.
I hope this gives you some comfort today. You are never alone; you are never forsaken. God knows you and loves you beyond measure. Open your heart and lay your sorrows out to him. He sees you, he hears you, he feels what you are feeling, and he wants to turn your sorrow to joy.