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This story is adapted from Prophet Moses and a Rich Man’s Strange Request by Shaykh Saqib Iqbal.
Translated from Urdu and submitted to Truthbook.com by Naima Shaikh

Once prophet Moses was going to meet God.  On the way he met a very rich man. The rich man asked prophet Moses where he was going, to which prophet Moses replied: “To meet God.”
The rich man said “Give a message of mine to God.”
Prophet Moses said “What is your message?”
The rich man replied “Tell God he has given me a lot now and not to give me anything more. It’s so much I cannot handle it.”

Prophet Moses went on his way and on the way he met a poor man. The man was so poor he had no clothes and was hiding his private parts with leaves. The poor man asked prophet Moses where he is going and upon learning he is going to meet God asked him to give a message to God. “Tell God I am very poor. He gives to everyone else so please give me something.”

Prophet Moses met God and first gave the rich man’s message. God said: “Tell my servant to stop thanking me and I will stop giving to him.”

Then prophet Moses gave the poor man’s message. God said:  “Tell the poor man to start thanking me and I will give him more.”

Prophet Moses went back and told the rich man: “God said stop thanking me and I will stop giving you.” The rich man replied: “How can that be? Even when I had nothing I had the wealth of thanking God. I can never stop thanking God! That can never happen.”

Then prophet Moses met the poor man and told him: “God said to start thanking me and I will give you more. The poor man exclaimed: “What has God given me that I should thank him?”

As he uttered these words a strong gust of wind came and blew away the leaves he was using to hide his nakedness.

The moral of the story is that we should always thank God for his blessings and he will give us more. But if we are ungrateful he may take whatever he has already blessed us with.

So always be grateful and thank God for everything!


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