1. Engage with people more than pixels
This year, resolve to spend more time looking into someone’s eyes when you communicate with them. Make a promise of presence.
2. Take your soul seriously.
Part of who you are is the sum of the influences you choose: what you watch, who you associate with, how you speak about others both publicly and privately.
3. Increase your kindness.
If you wish to feel kind, do something good. The great secret of moral growth is that it often begins from the outside.
4. Choose someone to forgive.
Some people are very hard to forgive but you need not begin with the toughest cases.
5. In forgiving, include yourself. 
Allow yourself the latitude of mistakes, without self-punishing. God is supposed to be perfect, not human beings. Have expectations of yourself, but don’t enforce them with a hammer.

Or simply make up and try some of your own!

From The Urantia Book

The weak indulge in resolutions, but the strong act. Life is but a day’s work—do it well. The act is ours; the consequences God’s.
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