Urantia Book Search Engine

Search term
Returns files that contain
donkey AND courtyard
both donkey and courtyard
"donkey and courtyard"
the phrase donkey and courtyard
caravan OR donkey AND courtyard
caravan, or the combination of donkey and courtyard
caravan OR (donkey AND courtyard)
caravan, or the combination of donkey and courtyard
(caravan OR donkey) AND courtyard
either caravan or donkey, and courtyard

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Search the Urantia Book (Old single-screen style)


Searching with wildcards

Search result
Matches zero or more alphanumeric characters. Avoid using the asterisk as the first character in a search string. An asterisk is ignored in a set, ([]) or an alternative pattern ({}).
appleseed, applied, appropriated, and so on
[ ]
Matches any one of the characters in the brackets. Square brackets indicate an implied OR.
<WILDCARD> 'sl[iau]m'
slim, slam, or slum
{ }
Matches any one of a set of patterns separated by a comma,
<WILDCARD> 'hoist{s,ing,ed}'
hoists, hoisting, or hoisted
Matches any character not in the set.
slum, but not slim or slam
Specifies a range for a single character in a set.
<WILDCARD> 'c[a-r]t'
cat, cot, but not cut (that is, every word beginning with c, ending with t, and containing any single letter from a to r)