Quotes about God

Fail not to remember that the will of God can be done in any earthly occupation.

Jesus, The Urantia Book, (155:6.11)


-A 21st Century logical understanding

If you’re one of those spiritually hungry souls seeking to find a God that is compatible with 21 century thinking, Truthbook is the right place to learn more. The Urantia Book offers you a grand and dynamic understanding of the Creator of the Universe. Its teachings are modern, understandable, believable, and completely compatible with science. Its teachings about God take you from a God of fear or obscurity to the loving Father of all humankind that you can personally experience. These teachings will set you free to discover a divine Father that actually and literally dwells with you. There are 5 Urantia Book Papers that explain this concept. Click here.

God Questions

Is God always with me?

The great God makes direct contact with mortal man and gives a part of his infinite and eternal and incomprehensible self to live and dwell within him. God has embarked upon the eternal adventure...
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How can I find God in a world of distractions?

It can be very difficult to find God in our noisy world - we do have so many distractions; and God speaks so softly in our inmost being, we have to get quiet and be receptive to really hear that "still, small voice." But it can be done...
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