Quotes about God

"If you truly want to find God, that desire is in itself evidence that you have already found him."

Jesus ~ The Urantia Book, (130:8.2)


-A 21st Century logical understanding

If you’re one of those spiritually hungry souls seeking to find a God that is compatible with 21 century thinking, Truthbook is the right place to learn more. The Urantia Book offers you a grand and dynamic understanding of the Creator of the Universe. Its teachings are modern, understandable, believable, and completely compatible with science. Its teachings about God take you from a God of fear or obscurity to the loving Father of all humankind that you can personally experience. These teachings will set you free to discover a divine Father that actually and literally dwells with you. There are 5 Urantia Book Papers that explain this concept. Click here.

God Questions

I need God's guidance

You may not always feel his guidance, but never doubt or wonder about God's PRESENCE in your mind. He is as close as a thought, and he wants to help you. Quiet down your mind, and let yourself relax enough to hear that "still, small voice..." Click to read more

Why do I feel so far from God?

The desire to know and serve God is almost hard-wired into our DNA--they're why we have evolved through fear and ghost fear, magic, ghost and spirit worship to primitive religion and then higher forms of religious expression. Inwardly... Click to read more

Finding God Video