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World Peace—A Study of Concepts from The Urantia Book

6. The Pressures of Population

Arguments abound that the world is filled with empty land, that we could feed countless others, that population must increase in order for economies to prosper, that talks of population control are part of a subversive plot. With quality of life for everyone, not quantity, being the objective, a dispassionate look reveals that the world is currently supporting nearly three times the human population than should be the case, stressing the very fabric of civilization.

Much of the world's population today has too little to eat and to drink. Many people live in hostile environments – you must have observed the desolation of farming life in Afghanistan from the recent news reports for example. Before the age of light and life the population of the world will stabilize at a much lower level than it is today. Until then, for much of the world, the value of any single human life is negligable; the toll of war is not a deterent.

A lower world population will help to bring about world peace. The problem of population density will have to be addressed before war can be eliminated. The eugenics issue will have to be confronted in order to stabilize world population. We're certainly not ready to dispassionately evaluate these issues; one more reason to accept the facts that true peace lies in the distant future and that, despite peace rally and retoric, war will continue to be an influence in human progress.


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