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World Peace—A Study of Concepts from The Urantia Book

4. The Historical Foundations of War

War is natural on evolutionary worlds up until the era of light and life. There's nothing unusual about war on a struggling evolutionary world such as ours; it's part of the evolutionary heritage and destiny. However, this is not a world of normal advancing civilization — combat still prevails well beyond the ordinary historical end point and it will continue to do so until humanity evolves beyond its necessity.

Peace-promoting don't permeate all human consciousness and until the world become suffused with the influence of such revelations, the results will be a continuation of war(1), (2).

Although the great religions of the world are based upon peace-promoting creeds, religion is still used to justify war. The influence of the fifth epochal revelation, providing an overarching, unifying effect on the religions of the world, must be universally absorbed before peace-promoting creeds prevail. Humanity is somewhere between the stage of being antagonistic animal-like individualists and socially adjusted beings capable of living together in harmony. Until the light from the lamp of revelatory religion guides the world, nations will continue to engage in conflict, war being the inevitable result.

A residual belligerence is part of the human makeup — it doesn't disappear by wishing it away, or by "spiritual thinking." The eradication of belligerence hinges upon mental and spiritual evolution, eugenics, and control of population growth.


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