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When I Was Five

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As the first daughter and third child of a minister of God's word, my single dad would study The Urantia Book on a daily basis. It was 1974, when I was 5 years old, that he invited me to read with him. My first instruction was to read aloud the authors of what he called, "not just any book!"

I loved and respected my single "preacher" dad, and I asked him if this book had anything to do with the fact that my middle name was SUNSHINE? He just chuckled and steadily studied his "bible companion." Which he did faithfully, whenever he was not tending to his four young children, who had been left by their mother a few years earlier.

I'm 34 now, and upon my eldest brother's death, I found what I believe to be the very same copy of the book I had read with my father. Although he was my half-brother from my dad's first marriage, next to my dad, he was my best friend. They were both named CHARLIE.

As an adult my brother quoted the book to me frequently, but sadly it was not until his passing (45 days after our dad passed away) that I picked up this familiar looking book and realized that my best brother's passing was not an end, but a continuum on a path to GOD.

It was apparent that my brother had read it in its entirety many times and highlighted many different passages. I was immediately intent to study this book when I realized that it had nearly been read to pieces. So, I have since had this Urantia Book (my dad's original copy) re-bounded in leather.

I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out its meaning in more ways than one. My husband, Frank, suggested that we send The URANTIA Foundation, a certified letter to find out if there are any other readers out there. The right words are hard to find to express my joy upon receiving a call from them in Chicago, IL, to inform us of all of you!

My husband and I study it together and agree that it is, with out a doubt, the most intense reading ever. We never in our lives thought for one minute that we (mortals) were the only intelligent life in the universe. The Urantia Book goes a long way to prove to us that we are actually the least intelligent form of life, so to speak!!!

I only wish that I had taken my dad up on his offer to read it so long ago. We are just a couple of hundred pages into the TRUTH, and already exhilarated and driven to move on. Our biggest problem has been getting other people to consider it? However, life is short and as a LUPUS patient I don't have the time to worry about being referred to as a "blasphemer." So, to all of you URANTIANS out there "MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU" and don't forget to spread the love.